ebay searches?

  1. i hope i'm posting this in the right place...
    when listing an item on eBay, how long should it take for your item to show up in the searches? i'm thinking 7 hours is quite a long time...no? :sad:
  2. HI don't worry. It's perfectly normal for it not to appear until the next day. I emailed eBay once about this and they came back to say that it should be within 24 hours so just keep on checking.
  3. thanks so much! i was getting really freaked out because after all the fees you have to pay, it's awful if it never shows up in searches. i seriously applaud all of those eBay savvy people out there... i find it to be such a nightmare
  4. Lots of complaints lately about listings taking longer and longer to come up. I've been extremeley lucky. I listed a bunch of books and they all showed up within 3 or so hours. Maybe it's the time of day you do it. I list books mid afternoon usually for stay at home Mom's to bid on them. Purses I list between 9pm-12m. Seems like it always takes longer then to show up.
  5. whew! it finally popped up. it was a bag that i listed at around 4pm. i recall another bag i listed a year or two ago and it was up in the searches within 2 hours! this time it took about 7-8 hours!
  6. glad it's up Pink Pirate - mines took 19 hours once!!!

    Good luck with it - hope its a successful sale
  7. I heard that high-end stuff like LV, Chanel, takes a long time to show up.
  8. hope you get a good sale after all the waiting :smile:

    I agree, it seems to take much longer for listings to show up these days.
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