eBay search question...

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  1. So I was trying to look for some past season bags on eBay recently and was wondering if there is more than one way to search for items.

    I know sometimes in auctions people say they have other items for sale that cannot be searched the regular way.

    usually if I search for a Chanel handbag lets say in red color, id just put in "chanel red" as the keywords in the search box on www.ebay.com and click search and sometimes I will go to advanced search and click on "items in eBay stores".

    Is there other ways to search for items that I do not know about?

    **I was asking since the first time I looked for a Chanel limited edition bag, someone else on TPF pointed the listing to me on eBay and for some odd reason it had not shown when I did the exact keyword search myself before...

    hope this all makes sense and didnt confuse people even more LOL
  2. Do you use the check box with "search title and description"? Some sellers don't mention the color of the bag in their title.
  3. Its funny you mention it and I know what you mean by not being able to find a listing even by searching the title..I got a link of a red bowler from one of those "similar items" ads on a ebay email..and I click one it. but I didn't remember seeing it when i searched bowler only a few hours ago...I even tried copying and pasting the exact title into the search description and it didn't come up!

    I even tried using 2 words from the title such as "red chanel" and it still didn't come up...it might be some kind of bug..but for soem reason you just can't search for the link.that said if you looking for a chanel bowler I can send you thel ink :biggrin:
  4. hmmm--so odd...I hate computer technicalities LOL

    yap--I am looking for a black metallic luxury bowler tho =X (thats my first choice color)
  5. Theres one on ebay for waay over retail tho :P!!

    If your prepared to pay for it><