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  1. Hi everyone

    I was browsing on eBay to see how well the keepalls are selling as I am thinking of letting my keepall 50 go. I came across with a so called the 'real deal' graffiti keepall. I got really curious (or rather suspicious) because the seller is selling it really low plus the vanchetta leather is so light, considering for her age (6 yrs old!). The graffiti marking near the zipper gives it away though. I reported this matter to eBay immediately then after I checked its status after 2 days, it still hadnt been taken down by eBay. Then I reported it again (yes I did it about 10 times) At this very moment, the auction is still running.

    OH GREAT! Clearly eBay is not doing that well when it comes to hunting down the knock offs.:wtf:

  2. It looks fake.
  3. It's 10000% fake! I personally own a graffiti keepall so I can compare it quite well. I despise eBay's ignorance.
  4. I'll report it aswell, I suggest posting this link in the "Report LV fakes" under the LV shopping section :yes:
  5. I reported it too. Something tells me it's going to stay up until the end when some poor soul is going to win a fake bag. I hate eBay sometimes.
  6. thats why we have to mindful of the saying 'buyer beware'
  7. fake
  8. there's a thread already made for these types of posts:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.