Ebay Scams

  1. Before I say what is bothering me, I must admit that I am a huge eBay fan. I have been buying/selling since 2000 and have only had a few minor instances where the seller did not send something or the buyer did not pay. It was never too serious or worth a lot of $$. However, I have recently gotten a glimpse of just how devious people can be and it really infuriates me:cursing:!

    I feel so sorry for the people who are getting scammed on eBay:sad:. Over the last few days, I have found a ton of FAKE Coach purses on there and the amount of money being spent on these bags is astonishing!! I just do not understand why the people who are bidding on these items do not do more research on what they are purchasing.....specifically for items that cost as much as these purses do! If they like Coach items well enough to spend hundreds of $$ on them, how is it that they do not know a fake from an authentic:shrugs:?

    For instance, I found an auction the other day where this seller was selling a Denim Signature Stripe Tote and it was so very obvious that it was a fake. The stripe was Brown and the lining did not have the Legacy Stripe...it was a solid Brown. Also, the pictures of the creed were very blurred. There were just too many obvious signs that this purse was a fake, yet the bid went up to over $170.00. I looked at the sellers other auctions and they had sold a few other fakes for about the same amount of money. I contacted the seller and told them that what they were doing was illegal and I contacted the winning bidder and told them as well. They were thrilled that I took the time to email them and they actually got a refund. However, the seller relisted the purse and then made the bidders ID's private so that I could not contact them. This time it sold for over $180.00!! I have contacted eBay at least 5 times to report this seller and yet Ebay has done nothing about it. If you would like to have a look at their auctions, their ID is: yourperfecttouch (you may have to look at their feedback to view the latest auctions because they do not have any current ones running right now).

    Anyway, if the winning bidder had done any kind of research, or even just looked at a few of the other Denim Signature Stripe Totes selling on Ebay...they would have seen that the purse they were bidding on was different than the majority of others that are selling on Ebay and are actually authentic!

    My point in saying all of this is that when I find interest in something, I do a ton of research and study everything about it. I'm like that with just about every aspect of my life....like Coach purses! I can actually be quite annoying about it to an extent...LOL. I realize that not everyone is like that though and of course, not everyone is going to be obsessed with a purse...LOL:angel:. But, it just looks like these bidders would take a few minutes to compare a few of the same purses before placing bids. Doing a comparison might actually cut down on the amount of fake purses being sold. So, if you have been scammed or ripped off, please take a minute to compare two or three of the same styles before you place a bid on something. It just might save you from being disappointed in the future;)!

    Okay, I apologize for this post being so long. That seller really ticked me off...LOL...and I just had to vent to someone!

    I hope you all have a great night!

  2. You made excellent points! Very well said. I agree!!! Thanks!:yes:
  3. Hey, I'm all about venting :p. And I agree 100%. I'm just glad beyond words I found TPF before I bought a Coach off Ebay...
  4. You are so right! I see so many fake ones and it is amazing how many people fall for it.
  5. I really hate when i see fake bags on ebay and people are bidding on it as AUTH! i wish i could tell them its fake and the seller is lying! Selling a fake is fine as long as you say it is! lying is a no no
  6. I was one of those suckers for my first Coach eBay purchase! That's when I found tPF - THANK THE LORD. Although looking back, keeping that fake wallet would've saved me a TON of money vs. getting sucked into the obsession of tPF. Who am I kidding...I love this place!!!!
  7. hi everyone,
    i agree about the scams on e-bay and have been scamed myself.i love that you e-mailed the seller. i so wanted to do that in the past ,but thought it would be against e-bay rules.do you know if it is. many a time i just want to warn the bidders to do their homework.many times you can tell an auction is a scam,just by the pic,wording,immediate payment.there are so many tricks out there.we need to have a class to warn people on possible scams.does anyone out there have more info on how to spot a scam?

    call me lynn
  8. Carolina*gyrl (Wanda) - you are SO right! I feel exactly the same as you do. I usually do my homework before buying on Ebay to make sure I'm getting an Authentic item. And like you, I do see SO many Fakes on Ebay that it makes me puke! I think it's crimminal how Ebay is getting away with all this. They preach how they don't allow Fakes but yet, how many of us have reported a Fake on an auction and have nothing happen to that auction?? I just don't know how Ebay is getting away with it - are they that greedy for $$ that they just plain don't care?!? I think it's great that you're looking out for Bidders who just don't realize an item is Fake. I know I'd want someone like you to warn ME!
  9. I agree. I think people should do some research before spending that much money on something. I know I would.

    That is one of the reasons why I refuse to purchase from eBay. I've seen some obvious fakes on there but I've also seen some really convincing ones as well. It's scary how much some people spend on a fake bag! They might as well spend a little more and get a real one!
  10. I've begun reporting sellers and auctions on ebay becasue I've seen horrible fakes lately listed as "100% authentic coach guaranteed" or whatever when they are obviously not coach bags whatsoever; I feel really bad that people are bidding near $200 for fake denim totes (I reported two of these jsut the other day) but then again, with how popular coach is, you'd think that the bidders would double check or have seen the real deal to compare the listing to. At $200, they could be buying the real version on ebay instead of some crappy fake :sad:
  11. What I do is I make up a name on ebay like "thisisafakecoach" or "youarebiddingonafake" and so on and go through the pages and bid thousands on the fake bags. Of course my names would always be taken off ebay but as long people are warned to stay away from that seller. Whatever it takes to help people from getting scammed!
  12. LOL That is awesome!
  13. I don't understand why ebay doesn't have people on staff that can identify these coach fakes?

    There are plenty of authentic Coach bags listed on ebay. I agree with the other posters here, get to know the product before you buy.
  14. those are great tips!!!! and thanks for posting that!
  15. I completely agree with you. It's really frustrating to see all these fake purses going for about the same as an authentic purse would go for. I do buy purses on ebay, but like mentioned, I know so much more because of TPF. People ask me how I can buy on ebay, and I tell them you have to know what you're looking for or you will end up with a fake. All we can do is keep reporting the fake purses and HOPEFULLY there will be less rather than more fakes online.