ebay scammers

  1. There sure has been a lot of scammers lately saying they're member of TPF so their merchandise must be authentic. Do they really think this helps sell their junk?
  2. Oh wow really! I haven't browsed eBay for such a long time. That's scary you know. I hope we can do something about that!
  3. this is discussed pretty often.
    People need to research, a Buyer saying they're a member here simply offers a false sense of security.
    You never knoe. . . .
  4. I'm a member here and none of you know me. I'm no scammer believe me but I easily could be. Just saying I'm a TPF member and having posted a few times means nothing!
  5. I agree. Most of the ones I have come across have either never posted here, or just joined and have like one post.
  6. I state in my auction(new to selling on eBay) that I'm a tpf member to give potential buyers a bit of ease. I figure if they are a member they know how to find my PF info or they can get my screen name and come here and research me. Thats what I do when I find a seller stating they're members. I guess I've just been lucky because everyone I've come across that has stated that they are a member has had 2k+ posts.
    Not to say that because someone's a member it garantees authenticity, its just another way to get more info possibly about the product or the seller.
  7. Just as easy as it is to scam on eBay with a fake or counterfeit item. It is just as easy to say your a tPF member to make the fake item seem more authentic. In other words...now that the scammers know about TPF they are going to fake it and use it. :cursing::censor:
  8. I don't advertise my membership here but I do refer potential buyers here to authenticate my bags. I don't take returns so as a buyer I suggest authentication first before bidding.