ebay scammers stealing photos from forums like this

  1. not only they stole photos from ebay sellers, now they're starting to steal photos that we posted on forum like this. it happens when someone on ebay stole photos from a member from TFS, and sooner or later they might stole from our PFers.
    what can we do to avoid this?
    are we supposed to start water marking our bag's photos here too?
  2. I think it is a good idea to watermark pics here. I am sure the scammers are also on this forum looking at the "authenticate this" thread so they can understand what the experts here look for in a fake bag. It is really a shame E-bay does not shut that down.
  3. Good idea to start water marking.
  4. yea, definitely watermark the pictures. also I suggest watermarking diagonally so that the watermark covers the entire picture or putting the watermark in the center. If you put it on the sides, it can be cropped out.
  5. Watermarking is necessary no matter what.
  6. It has happened here already-and, yes, you should watermark all of your photos.
  7. i think you should always protect yourself- which means watermarking here and everywhere else, for sure!
  8. this has been going on for a long time here, people's photos are always being lifted here.
    Everyone should ALWAYS watermark their photos, they're never safe.
    There's threads here helping people to learn to do it and several of us {including me} have offered numerous times to do it for people if they need the help.
  9. EXACTLY! I see people do it alot unfortunately, it can be cropped right out!
  10. Unfortunately sometimes even with the watermark, they still take the photos. eBay can't do anything about it unless the owner of the photo contacts them and states that it was stolen cause "they could've allowed them to use their photo" was the reason eBay gave me before.
  11. You gals may have noticed, all attached pictures now carry a PF watermark in the bottom right corner.
  12. ^ I have noticed that, thanks Vlad!!

    I guess its time to start watermarking :huh:
  13. That WAS a good addition Vlad!
    I've started trying to only attach the pictures not just post the photobucket tags like I usually do.
    Also, I try to use the same background so I'll know if someone's using my pictures.
  14. I did and I think that rocks!!:jammin:

    Thank you Vlad!
  15. Thanks Vlad..I notice that too