ebay = scammers? can you show me where to lodge names to FBI internet fraud list

  1. i have yet another rip off experience on eBay. and as a seller, we do not pay any fee to eBay, and consequently, i feel, eBay do not extend as much assistance when we are scammed by sellers.

    i am beginning to see ebay as shelter for scammers. i know not all of them are crooks. but really, this is how i am beginning to feel. fair or not, i no longer go to ebay for anything. i told them repeatedly, that if they do not increase protection for buyers, they will loose them. and without buyers, there are no sellers. but now that ebay is a commercial monster that it is, it is only interested in the bottom line, like all large corporate america. and since payers are sellers, we, buyers, are left to our own devices.

    how many times have we heard so and so have lost THOUSANDS on ebay and they just have to live with it? because sellers have closed their ebay account, PO box address un-trace-able, email has been shut down, and ebay wave their hands and said it is not our duty to follow through this as long as they pay us money?

    where is DUTY OF CARE? isn't that a concept that we often heard legally? what happened to that?

    my latest experience was with MyImporters.com who used to have their own website, and is now completely hosted by ebay. a transaction for a georgian bed was cancelled in february 2006 due to transport difficulties, and a refund was never made. i kept asking for proof of refund when they claimed refund was made, and have given them all the documentations i have to show that no refund was ever made. since purchase was made in december 2005 i am on my own, ebay washed their hands, and i have lost over $1000. their email address no longer works, PO box address is useless, and they never answer my calls. my attorney had send them letter of demands to no avail.

    i am now planning to put their name in the FBI list of internet fraud. can any of you tell me where it is to go to do this?

  2. thanks so much 86leo!

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    i lodged one for a $70 bracelet. i don't think the FBI will bother with it, honestly, but i just had to do it. it was for a seller of a bracelet which i returned for being falsely described as having antique coins on it (they were not antique at all!). seller said packaged arrived at her doorstep but she was away so USPS had to redeliver it, but USPS LOST it in the process! she admited that the package arrived, but as far as she was concerned until she received it, it was not her concern and she refused to pay me the refund, so i did not get my money back!!

    i have a feeling this time, with MyImporter.com, the amount may not be large enough for the FBI to ACTUALLY do something about it.

    but i thought that if i were to be scammed out of over $1000, people should know who these scammers are and their name should be on some kind of list somewhere.

    i can't believe there are buyers like me who continuously get scammed and just have to watch with open mouth what some people can get away with, transacting in what we thought is a reputable site and community. i know as buyers we have to buy with caution and all that. but without some degree of good faith (tell me how sending money for something you have not received is not good faith??) how can this e-commerce operate?

    well, i know now NEVER TO USE EBAY AGAIN. whatever ebay was, it is no more. from what i can see now, ebay is not a community of sellers and buyers, it is a business machine filled with illegal activities (what else is new....?)

    thanks again for the link!