Ebay Scam

  1. I listed my husbands iPAQ and someone bought it with BIN. I was so excited well it turns out that the guy wanted me to ship it Nigeria and gave me a whole story, blah, blah, blah... Then I get an email that says he paid with PayPal. I check the ebay listing and my PayPal account and nothing has been sent. I assume that it was a fake paypal email and now I am having a hard time explaining to ebay what has happened because they said that it was not listed. How do I relist without having to pay the fees again? What can I do?
    Please help with any advice. Thank you
  2. Yes, that is a total scam that happened to be before. Contact ebay's live help and explain the situation, they should let you relist and credit your fees.
  3. So did Ebay take down you listing? It should be there under your sold listings, unless it's been over 60 days. You need to file a unpaid item dispute to get your final value fees back, then relist your item.

    For future reference, go to your selling preferences, and you can choose to block bidders from countries you don't ship to. That way they can't bid if their country is not listed. You can also set up you auction for pre-approved bidders because electronics are high scam items.

    Also, if you list your auctiosn with Auctiva.com, it saves them all and you don't have to re-create a listing if it ever dissapears.
  4. Thank you Kiss Me Deadly and allison- the address that the bidder gave me was in Texas, then he emailed me again and said to send it to Nigeria. Of course that was a giant red flag then came the fake paypal email. So tricky!!
    Thanks again for your help and advice.