Ebay sales dead?

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  1. Hello Girls! I am relatively new to TPF and do more reading of posts than "posts". Wanted to find out if anyone else selling on eBay is experiencing dead sales? I' ve had a Chloe listed that I had to relist, and it's at a very reasonable price!

    Seems like all the fake bags seem to be going like hot cakes and the real ones are just sitting!! I can't believe people would not know that it is not possible to buy a new real Chloe that retails for over $1600 for $400...odviously it's a FAKE!!

    Sorry, needed to vent!
  2. i'm sorry to hear about your bag. i sold a marc jacobs last night at a steal. it hurt my heart.

    otherwise.. it's been pretty good. not many bids but lots selling.
  3. It's January...I think everyone is tapped out from the holidays. Sales will probably pick up a little around Valentine's Day, but definitely when tax refund checks start coming!
  4. January is always a bad month. It's starting to pick back up now. I had to relist everything I had, but now all of them but 1 has bids or has been bought with BIN.
  5. I've had 2 bags and some clothing listed. I did sell a pair of earrings, but not the other items, so maybe the timing is bad...
  6. Me too!! My pretty little MJ Sophia was sold at a steal... :crybaby:
  7. My items have definitely not been selling for record prices either. Even the number of bids has been very low these days. I need to sell more -- I'm saving for a trip to Hawaii in May!

    But on the flip side, if you're looking to purchase anything, it's a great time to be a buyer on eBay!
  8. It's a great time to buy though! I bought a Juicy blazer for $49 :p
  9. I think the lower priced items are selling okay. I jusy listed 24 Dooney items and 20 of the sold the first time. I relisted the 4 and 2 now have bids.
  10. I PM'd you, Emz. I find that it's a little dead, and the least expensive items go. On the other hand, when bidding, I do find a lot of competition.

    And boy the less expensive things get a LOT of watchers and some bidders. Everything starting above $140 got NO bids. I relisted things again.
  11. yes, shopping now on eBay is SWEET! selling, not so much/..........
  12. It will hopefully start to pick up soon
  13. I have noticed in general lately that eBay is a buyers market, unless you have the "it" bag or shoes or whatever.

    Whenever I am considering buying something new from a department store I find myself thinking "resale". Do I really want to pay full retail for these Manolo Blahnik shoes and if I find I only wear them once will I be able to sell them on eBay for a reasonable price or will I be out 75% of the price I paid. Has put shopping in a whole new perspective for me.:yes:
  14. Beware of FAKES!
    Even ebay tried to suspect Fakes but they are still.

    They have no professional experience. Moved authentic and keep fakes!

    What the hell?
  15. The Chloe market has been slow. Many say due to the sales over the holidays. I did just sell a whiskey edith & a dr bag though. :smile: I still have a Betty and a Molly that haven't sold. The Molly has been listed for quite some time.

    EBay market fluctuates alot. Right about now, my guess is people are thinking about Spring Bags though.