eBay Safety Tips for Buying & Selling


Aug 17, 2017
If the purchase is expensive, I google seller’s store name for reviews. If item is cheap I could take a risk. If item is pricey, I pass on a seller with negative history.
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Dec 6, 2005
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I would be filing a police report and depending on the amount, a lawsuit. People like that have to be stopped. I had someone do something similar to me and eBay ruled in my favor but I still worry she will try to do something like that with her cc. If she does, I will not stop until justice has been served. I know a lot of people would rather just not deal with it or the expense but I would. I also have proof she fabricated multiple stories. I just can’t deal with liars and thieves so I no longer do high value items on eBay.
THIS!!! .. had to do the same when I purchased a Hermes Birkin on eBay and NEVER received it (out over $2000). I went to the FBI, filed an Internet Fraud report and then did the investigation, found her and she was arrested and tried. Mind you, I never got my $$$ back, but at least she now has a criminal record .. karma is a b!tch!!!


Apr 2, 2019
Well, I have some bags that I have and will be listing. I did put a disclaimer stating that I am doing an unedited video from the shipping location of the bag, serial number, packing, handing off and receipt/tracking. When a CC company tells you that is one way to go about it, you listen and comply. I'm hoping scam buyers will think twice but I'm also hoping it doesn't scare off honest buyers.
Unfortunately, ebay no longer accepts the video as confirmation. I recently found this out. I sold a new shawl H, but mistakenly sent a different color. I usually do not accept returns, but in this case I agreed. I offered the buyer a replacement for the right color, a refund part of the money, a full refund. The buyer said that she did not like the color and pattern and asked for a full refund. She sent me a used shawl. The tag was torn off. I sent a complaint and called support twice. They said that the video is not accepted as confirmation. As a result, I have a used shawl and the buyer has a full refund. And no protection for the seller.
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Apr 2, 2019
I'm sorry you got scammed but ebay has never accepted video evidence.
Earlier in disputes, you could use photos and videos. That was the proof. The support service said yesterday that the video stopped accepting as proof because there were cases when the video was faked.

Vanilla Bean

Mar 9, 2013
I'm thinking of starting to sell again on eBay with returns allowed within a certain time period. Are there security tags that can be used for items such as clothing that don't have loops, buttonholes or zippers?