eBay Safety Tips for Buying & Selling

  1. Check the feedback of the person you are buying from. Read the negative comments if there are any! This will tell you a lot about the seller.
  2. Read the comments left by, and for the people who leave negatives. Some of them get it wrong, which is just as awful as buying a fake. Some inexperienced buyers leave negatives because they have simply not seen the vast array of items made over decades by various designers.
  3. I haven't sold on eBay yet but to protect myself I opened a new savings account with a different bank. Going to use it specifically for eBay and Paypal.
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    As a seller is there a certain amount of time you should wait before shipping the handbag, I wanted to try selling my first bag on Bonanza

    One more question: Is there any reason why I should not include international shipping on Bonanza?

  5. Any reason I should not ship to Singapore? Is there a special way to ship international shipments to make sure I am covered?
  6. What does one have to do to get eBay to remove counterfeits from their site. I went to them with 3 Chanel listings. They sent me a condescending email full of platitudes as in, 'thank you for your advice, we r making eBay a fun, secure, trustworthy marketplace........'
    Then did nothing, the auctions go thru. Part of the spiel is they will take appropriate action etc etc but due to their privacy policy what action would not be divulged.
    $Any advice on how the system works?
  7. It depends on the types of items and the values that you're selling. I think I've shipped to Singapore once and had no problems at all. Others may disagree with me but I will not ship exotics (python, croc, etc.) internationally because I've heard horror stories about them getting seized in customs. Before shipping, I always check the customs restrictions list also: http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/ab_toc.htm

    So, if you're selling items that are $250 and more, you are required to show a signature upon delivery. Personally, I have had a lot of inconsistency with being able to show a signature even with USPS Express and Return Receipt. I can show that an item is delivered but when it comes to Paypal, they want to see the signature. And getting the signature is completely up to the international delivery service. Because of this, I've pretty much stopped shipping high value items internationally- I just can't take the risk.

    However, if you're selling items below $250, then USPS Express is the best way to ship. It's expensive but it's fast and reliable...but it really just depends what you're selling. There's no reason to send a $10 t-shirt Express- Priority or First class International should be fine as long as you can verify delivery.
  8. The flagging system relies on multiple reports, I believe. Check out this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/reporting-ebay-fakes-three-ways-yay-154694.html
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  10. Comments is important. I always choose the more comments product and read the comment, both positive and negatives. It will tell you much information about the product and the store.
  11. I really don't trust Ebay much :\ last time i bought domo for $30 and it came out it's only 10cm big lol
  12. Hello,

    I'm buying from seller who has one feedback. It's risky but do you guys think it will be ok with buyer protection? Worst case scenarios, should the seller be a scammer (knock on woods), send me a empty box or something, paying with PayPal should be the safest way right?

    Thank you,
  13. Lately I've had a handful of EXCELLENT transactions with zero or very, very low feedback sellers so I'm definitely not as reluctant to purchase from them anymore (within reason though). So as long as you pay through eBay checkout and with Paypal, you should be covered with eBay Buyer Protection.
  14. I Need Advice Please!

    I have a few pair of high end designer shoes to sell on Ebay (Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, etc.). What kind of Security/Tamper tag should I use and Where and/or How should I attach it? I don't want to damage or leave glue residue on these high end shoes. Thanks in advance for all help! Debbi
  15. Hi there! Not sure where I should post it, but I can't start my own thread yet. Several months ago I returned a package to the seller, he refunded me, which I learned from automatic email, but I didn't receive money on my card. As I had experience with refunds before (that was just small partial refunds for the difference in shipping cost though), I didn't care much about it - I knew it can take some time for my bank to process the payment, up to a month sometimes. I was away on a long vacation when I received this email from PayPal: "Dear K,On Jun 28, 2012, seller X sent you a payment for $$$$ USD.The money has been returned to seller X's account.This payment was returned because:You didn't sign up for a PayPal account or didn't complete the registration process.Contact seller X(hisemail@gmail.com) to agree on an alternate payment method.For more information, log in to PayPal account, look for this transaction, and click Canceled to see details. Sincerely,PayPal". I felt so frustrated. Still pretty new to ebay, so I didn't know I had to confirm the payment, thought I will receive it without any problems... SO stupid of me!!! Politely explaned it to the seller - once, twice etc. Wrote him like 5 emailes both through eBay and usual mail - no response, nothing. I's been more than a month now. Seems like I can forget about receiving my money, right? The worst part about it is that I can neither leave him a neg nor report to eBay since it's been too long and seller has deleted that listing. I know it was my fault, but does it mean that I deserve to be scammed?