Ebay Rules re authenticating

  1. Hi all,

    After all thgese threads about let-trade, hunag, MPRS, etc. I am super paranoid. BUT I know there are good sellers out there, and I desperately want my LE bags.

    So my question: Some sellers claim they will only refund if you take it to LV to get authenticated. Well, not everyone in the world lives near an LV and is able to get it authenticated within the 10 day timeframe that paypal gives you.

    Is this requirement right?
    My understanding is that you open a claim with paypal for fraudulent items, and they give you 10 days to have it authenticated and that paypal will accept authentication from mypoupette. And also that your credit card will too for a chargeback.
    So the seller really can't be saying you HAVE to take it to LV to get refund.

    Am I correct here?
  2. LV doesn't provide written authenciations so any seller telling you to ask LV to provide a written statement of authenticity is shooting something out of their bum.

    So yessir, you are correct !

    I know some sellers request that you phone them while an Louis Vuitton SA/manager is doing the authentication, and that way they can talk to the person on the spot. This is as close as I can think comes to what these sellers are stipulating and can be done.
  3. i guess they're saying that that's the only proof THEY will accept, but if you get paypal involved it's taken out of their control.
  4. anna...that is what I thought. They have to abide by paypal rules correct?

    Same thing with the payment stipulations...they can say 3 days all they want, BUT ebay rules are 7 days.
  5. Yes, Paypal will accept proof from a third party such as MP or other companies that would have experience in such things (Carol's Diva would be acceptable as well).

    And yes, same as the 7 day thing. So even if a seller yells at you for not paying within 3 days, they have to wait the full 7 before they can start the non payment process.
  6. as long as you pay by paypal then they have to abide by the rules. not sure about the payment time though, i've luckily enough never had to wait that long. i guess it depends on the individual case, if you're selling concert tickets and the auction is ending 3 days before the event you can't force the seller to give you the tickets before you've paid up for example.
  7. Thanks guys!