Ebay ruined my listings!

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  1. I had two chloe items listed (obviously authentic), then eBay ended both because I wrote "make an offer" in the subtitle.

    I have had to relist both auctions without those words and now - There are 80% less watchers! :sad:

    I am so upset and don't think I will get anywhere near the original auction prices (both were already 50-80% off retail).

    I wish eBay would ask the seller to remove anything causing concern before ruining their auctions! :crybaby:

    I thought about complaining to eBay - but seriously....they are in a world of their own.

    Has anyone been able to do anything to come back from this type of problem?
  2. This is a new one to me--what's wrong with saying "make an offer"?
  3. I have been hearing of this happening quite a bit recently.

    Unfortunately part of the reason is backlash from the many sellers of fakes, who basically want to sell their fake junk at any price people are willing to pay. To them, $150 on a "Chloe" bag is plenty since the thing is worth like ten bucks. It's really the counterfeiters and the people who sell them who are ruining eBay...eBay is just trying to do whatever they can to combat them.

    The other issue here is potential fee avoidance/selling outside of eBay. For example:
    If you want to sell something on which you are flexible on pricing, I recommend fixed price listings and add the best offer capability. It costs a little more in fees, but it's the "eBay approved" way of doing this. Otherwise, if someone makes an offer lower than your starting bid, you would have to end the listing early, choose a reason for ending it (none of which would strictly be true) and then sell the bag OFF eBay to the buyer--therefore avoiding the fees and cutting yourself and the buyer out of any so-called eBay protection.
  4. Thanks Cynthia. Yes ebay accused me of trying to avoid paying fees.

    In my time as a buyer, I have often offered sellers an amount to set up a BIN for me to buy an item earlier. I was simply offering to do that for buyers.

    I just wish ebay contacted me about it before taking my listings down and making me look like a untrustworthy seller.
  5. ugghhh! I wish ebay had a way to know when ppl were legit and ppl were bogus! Sorry for you and your ebay woes!
  6. I wish ebay would contact you first and tell you what to fix before ending also! I think its horrible all the fake sellers keep their listings up but if you sell an aithentic item you get ended:cursing:

    Whats the secret to never getting your listings ended?
  7. Sheer luck, I s'ppose...
  8. Wow... I've never heard of that one- I will have to remember not to use those words lol.
  9. that's crazy! i see people who write "email me and make an offer" or something along those lines all the time!
  10. HI -- If you go under the site map on ebay, you will find a complete set of rules for listing on ebay. What you did was in direct violation of ebay selling polices. If you are willing to take an offer on them, list them as a set price format and click on the option to accept offers on your item. You must have listed it as the auction format, and as such you cannot accept offers to sell to anybody other than the highest bidder at auction end. Just change your listing format from auction format to set price, pick a price you have in mind that you want for them, and then click on the box that states you will accept offers. You will have no further problems with them.
  11. Thanks for your input.

    The thing that frustrates me is, I've seen this done before, and have done it before myself and it's never been a problem. I was never actually going to break any policies, I was simply wanting an idea of a suggested BIN amount.

    What makes it worse is the fact that there are so many fakes on ebay (no matter how much we report them), and the sellers who are trying to do the right thing seem to get penalised.

    Needless to say, because of the way ebay handled the 'error' in my listing, I will get substancially less end prices.