ebay: return/refund shipping problem.

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  1. I recently sold a pair of jeans on ebay, I had listed the wrong size so I am giving the buyer a full refund. She sent the jeans back to me fedex overnight ($52) when I told her that I will be able to refund her the cost of return shipping by my original way of shipping, which was usps priority mail ($6). I told her I won't be able to give her a refund for the overnight shipping but she still sent them to me. Without responding to my emails. I am not happy with what she did, the jeans only sold for $25. So am I suppose to give her a full refund of $52 + original refund? or have my feedback messed up? WTF!
  2. I don't get it - why would anyone in their right mind do what your buyer did? She has nothing to gain, and you did not authorize her to overnight the jeans via Fedex. Tread carefully on this one, as she can very well zing you with negative feedback. Perhaps try contacting eBay and see what they say. I'm so sorry this happened to you, it's so odd!
  3. Could she have a way of shipping overnight for a low price? Like free through her company.. so she's hoping to get the $52 out of it for nothing?