Ebay restocking fees?

  1. I bought a fake :yucky: bag and the seller tells me that I'll get my money refunded less the $25 shipping fee and a 10% restocking fee.

    How much is the Ebay restocking fee, for you sellers? Is it fair to demand a 10% restocking fee when the bag was listed as authentic in the item description, but turned out to be a replica (with the help of tPFers)?

    The shipping I could close an eye... but I'm wondering if I shouldn't pay the restocking fee.

    Any advice?
  2. I would file a claim with ebay to try and get a full refund, I am not a seller(I am on break for the moment), but I would imagine she is wanting the fees for listing and selling the bag. What that is I don't know
  3. I feel bad about filing an ebay claim because the seller was nice about refunding me the money. Should I just file the claim, even though the seller has already offered the money back less shipping + restocking?
  4. Actually you shouldn't have to pay a restocking fee and you can the seller this is why "It is againt the law to sell fakes" or you could say:
  5. I hate FAKES!!!
  6. Does she state in her listing that she charges a restocking fee? If she didnt disclose it she shouldnt be charging it. Maybe let her know that she should refund ALL your money or you will leave neg feedback. Filing claims with ebay doesnt guarantee full refunds...I would see if you can reason with her maybe...good luck!
  7. Nope. She only states that refunds are granted within 3 days. There's no mention of less shipping or less restocking.
  8. This is the way, I believe, that a number of sellers of fakes make money. The items are returned, because they're clearly fake, but they still make their 10% or 20%. This is someone who has cheated you.
  9. ^^I agree with susan-eric. And you should not have to pay the restocking fee. She should be returning all of your money b/c she sold you a fake. And especially because she did not state in her terms that she would charge any other fees.
  10. If I were to get the bag authenticated at a Fendi retailer, how long would it take? And is there a cost to authenticate the bag?
  11. You won't be able to. Fendi does not "officially" authenticate bags (had an "issue" with an ebay sale a while back)... Fendi, NM, etc. guarantee that any merchandise sold at the store is authentic, but they do not authenticate bags that come in to the store. Fendi CS indicated that to officially authenticate a bag it must be sent back to Fendi Italy...to the factory...an so on...
  12. The restocking fee is worth more than the bag, PLUS they're keeping the bag to recycle for the next auction, not restock. Nice little business...if the winner doesn't notice great, if they do it's still great since they still get their $$ and shipping covered. File with Paypal and get a full refund then file with your cc company to credit your account for shipping. I'd even send it back COD. You shouldn't have to pay a dime.
  13. You should not pay a dime. You should not pay any fees for a fake bag!!
  14. ^^^Yes! I don't even understand why there's even talk about a restocking fee. Give me a break! Get all that you paid including the shipping cost... both ways if you are going to send the bag back.

    p.s take pictures
  15. I am a seller myself (and a buyer! LOL) and I would NEVER pay a restocking fee for a fake bag!! I have a restocking fee, but that is for the buyer that really changes their mind and does not want the item...I don't like to accept returns unless my customers are truly unhappy...then, of course, I will accept a return:smile:

    But for a fake bag...NEVER...don't pay a dime:smile: