Ebay Research Survey


Oct 22, 2006
Has anyone else received this email?

Here's your chance to share your thoughts with us! Because your
comments and suggestions are invaluable, we would like to invite you to
take a brief online survey about shipping on eBay. We are hard at work
designing new shipping programs, and your input through this survey will
help us design the best shipping options for you.

It's only about using UPS. I thought for sure it was about sellers who charge exhorbant prices on shipping. NOT.


Jun 20, 2007
Raleigh, NC
So I just did the survey... It asked a bunch of questions about what carriers you use to ship items and how many items you ship per month. Then it asks if there was a powerseller discount for UPS shipments, if you would use UPS. It also asks if there was a customs brokerage fee discount for shipments under $500 to Canada, if you would use UPS. Looks like they are trying to offer some more discounts to sellers using UPS. I use Fed Ex for most of my bags shipped in the US and EMS for international shipments. We'll see what they come up with! :smile: