Ebay removed my listings!

  1. Due to misuse or something, this is ********, all I stated was where the bags came from, either the boutique or eluxury, I used my own pictures and everything!!!! :cursing:
  2. I've seen so many legitimate sellers saying this has happened to them lately. I don't know what's going on--I'm so sorry for you. Why do the scammers seem to remain, and the real sellers get their listings removed?
  3. I get the impression it's happening a lot with Chanel. I'm not sure why. Someone on the ebay community board mentioned that she thought someone specific was reporting a lot of sellers.
  4. I had so many people interested that placed bids on my bags, this is awful!
  5. wow so sorry that's some bs! I'm so sick of this all the fake sellers, ebay needs to remove THEIR listings not legitimate sellers. One of my auctions was copied 3 times already! Pictures and description word for word how stupid is that!
  6. Yeah, you might as well forget about putting Chanel up on eBay because it will get pulled in a New York minute. Chanel is a member of VERO and they pull all the auctions that they find, authentic or otherwise.

    I posted a pair of earrings and a suit (different times/ auctions) and they pulled both and I got this form letter from Chanel stating that for intergrity reasons and for the fact of mirror image replicas, that they do not approve of their items being auctioned on eBay....yadda yadda yadda and if I had an issue to contact them directly and ....anyway....it seemed like bullsh!t to me.
  7. I sent them a copy of all eluxury receipts and relisted the items, took off anything that reference to eluxury or lv boutique and two of my five relisted were still removed. I think it may be a seller of some of the simular items. EBAY SUCKS!!!!!
  8. what a hassel!
    so unfair and frustrating ...then I see all those fake buy it now auctions for 59.95 listed.
    Ebay is unbelievable
  9. I thought some of your listings got removed! I could've sworn I was watching some of your listed items. I put them on my watch list earlier this morning and today, when I came home from work, they were nowhere to be found!!! Please pm me if you are able to get them listed back on. Thanks and good luck getting them back on!
  10. They pulled my listings this morning too. It's happened before and I'm sure they will continue to do it ....... but of course the fakes at $59.95 are still on there!
  11. What is sad is that you are probably right. If certain sellers see competition and your price is lower than theirs, they will and do report others. It's very shady.
  12. How true that eBay SUCKS big time!

    I tried listing some of my authentic goodies before and they pulled off all my listings, and when I asked them why, they say "it's because you are in Asia." OMG of all the racist comments I've ever received!

    I said I buy all my authentic designer items from boutiques and have receipts to show for them. I see all the USA sellers peddling fakes and when I report them, eBay does nothing to pull those listings. But when an honest person who happens to live in an Asian city lists authentic designer goods, they get pulled =- why???

    I swear, we should all band up and start an anti-eBay site that REALLY only allows AUTHENTIC designer goods and gives no crap to authentic and sincere sellers! I bet we will make more money than eBay in a New York minute! Pah! Bleh! I've since given up on shopping on ebay - they don't deserve my money in anyway.
  13. :shocked: Did they really tell U that? outrageous!:cursing:
  14. I don't know what to make of ebay??
  15. u are not alone, i've been having problems with ebay too lately. i seriously hate them!