Ebay removed my listing due to trademark misuse????

  1. Help!!!

    I listed an item for the first time on ebay and lo and behold, it had been removed due to trademark misuse. I was selling an LV bag which I got from e-luxury and obtained some of the description on their website about the bag. would that be the reason why my listing was removed? Hope others can help me out on this. thanks all.
  2. With all the things that eBay lets slide, people copying other eBay sellers' descriptions, photos, etc, and just today someone mentioned some of the to say the least, "questionable" entries in the Mystery Auctions or some such section, it is hard to imagine that they would quibble about you using some text from e-luxury.

    But anything is possible, and in any event, you will have to contact them and find out what the problem was, and if the description was it, just change it around, paraphrase like kids do with encyclopedia articles for their school reports :smile: and that should take care of it.
  3. thank you. I changed the listing a bit so hopefully, it goes through.. ppl were already bidding on the item so it is such a hassle.. thanks again.
  4. Hi, be really carefull. If it was removed for trademark misuse & you relist it you could get your account suspended. Trademark misuse means ebay for some reason feels your bag might not be authentic.
  5. Wow they have been on a roll with removing authentic listings. :rolleyes:

    Do not feel bad. It is likely because it was your first listing and LV is a highly flagged brand for trademark missuse. Do not relist it until you contact Ebay and get their permission first, or you could get suspended. Fax them your receipt to ensure them it's authentic then they will apologize for their mistake and give you the ok to list it. Good luck!

  6. :yes:Yes, follow these instructions.. Pewter is totally on target, as a new seller to ebay you dont want the hassles. What was the title on your listing could you have said something that would have put up a red flag?
  7. You can't copy descriptions from elux. Measurements are okay to copy. Since it was your first listing, someone who knew nothing about LV reported it.
  8. oh oki. that makes sense.. thanks all..
  9. Oki ladies, help me with this. when I got the email about the cancellation of the listing, they did not mention if who reported the listing to be removed. It just said to review the VERO program which I did. It never said that I had to email anyone back. I then made all the necessary changes and re-listed my item again. After relisting back the item, I emailed ebay about what I have done (made the changes and relisted the item back again). Is that how it should have been done? Pls help, this is my first time selling. thanks again.
  10. If you copy a description from elux, basically give elux credit for the description. That happened to me once.
  11. i did give them credit, but still the listing was removed.. now, they have not touched my listing so i guess I am doing okay..... thanks all again.
  12. Even if you give them credit, you can't copy it word for word.
  13. I usually describe the bag myself then put something like "Description from eLuxury.com:" followed by how they describe it. I've never had any problems. :shrugs:
  14. Ebay is under fire from all of the big designers these days and lots of authentic auctions are being removed. Between the account high jackings and the usual fake sellers Ebay is getting serious. Unfortunately it is hurting the good sellers as well. Hopefully when the dust settles over there at Ebay we can all get back to enjoying legit auctions again without all the b.s. fake listings to search through.
  15. Exactly the same thing has just happened to me.

    I have a small business on ebay, and my friends often ask me to sell thier chanel - which im certian is not fake (im too much of an expert!). I move in circles where no one would be found dead wearing a fake bag/anything.

    Along with detailed pictures of authenticity cards, holograms inside the bag, care booklets and the like, ebay have swiftly taken off my auctions (and taken off my sold ones in the past!) and notified me on email.

    I promptly rang customer service and they said, "although my items may be authentic, i do not have permission from Chanel to sell it." They told me to get in writing that I could sell it from the brand (some hope, Chanel dont do written authentications) and then fax them it, and they would let my listing go as normal.

    This is crazy they take authentic listings off, just becuase Chanel want to protect thier brand? I can see why, and yes im a Marketing student, however, what gives them the right to stop me giving someone else the chance to wear something i no longer want? Surely when its mine its mine and i can do what i want with it!

    The most annoying thing is that my items are authentic, i know it is and im not kidding myself as I bought most of it from Chanel boutique (minus my friends stuff which they did themselves). Seams like unless you have the reciept (which are easily faked - dont ebay know this?) and a written note from Chanel stating permission to sell it, then the sale can go ahead. I think this is highly unlikely, even for the items in the 4 figures.

    I think I will cease trade with ebay (unless i need to get rid of unbranded items) as thier authentics policy is all over the place. They cant take off both authentic and fake items, there should be one set rule and a couple of qualified authenticators which are sure of authenticity.

    Im abosolutely livid.