Ebay Removed My Listing Because of Shipping

  1. Has anyone had a listing removed because of shipping costs charged were excessive. Yet I did not set the shipping, I used the shipping calculators they provide with the exact weight of the bag and the dimensions. Also, I had two listings up set up the same way and they only removed one. I was then told that I should include this information for the buyers, which I did do that. So my big question that no one at eBay will answer is why was my auction removed?:cursing:
  2. I have never heard of that - that is so odd.
  3. Someone must have reported you for shipping costs being excessive - normally, this incident is saved for those people who have $0.99 Buy It Now prices with like a $50 shipping charge - making it obvious that they are trying to circumvent eBay fees (since shipping is not considered part of the fee by eBay). If this is not the case (and it doesn't seem like it is at all) I would contact Ebay and let them know.
  4. I have never heard of that before. I would definitely contact live help.
  5. It's so weird. I have never heard of eBay removing the auction because of excessive shipping fee. You should contact eBay live help and ask for more detail.
  6. how much was your handling fee? Your handling fee will be tacked on in the shipping calculator. Plus, whomever reported you, was probably thinking first class with express prices.
  7. Yeah, I put in my bottom box that shipping includes the handling cost and the cost of the box (when I have to buy a box).
  8. have you tried to call them and ask about this issue ? :crybaby:
  9. Well I have now emailed Ebay back and 3 different reps have replied (kind of a back and forth thing). One even insinuated that I purposely rigged the shipping calculator to increase the shipping cost. I got really mad and sent the all caps email back, which I did point out that there problem on Ebay is not over charging for shipping but sales of fake merchandise. That got a quick response and a major apology.:p

    So I am now waiting for a reply for permission to re list. I did use Live Help which got me no where. The woman who I was speaking to would not answer anything I asked. I was told I should wait till I received a response to the email I sent. I did try to call when it first happened and I could not get a live person. Also, if you try to get customer service you get a voice mail saying to use live help and you get disconnected.

    The last person who emailed me did point out that I was reported. This was what is used to do so. "Report this item" link at the bottom of the listing page.
  10. I agree with Bunkie, someone reported you to eBay. If we click "contact us" button, there's choice to report a seller by that reason :push:
  11. Kind of odd the listing was removed for excessive shipping fees, unless it was way out of the norm like the example given here (99 cent item with $50.00 shipping and handling fee). Good luck trying to get a straight answer ~ it's nearly impossible even after you go around in circles :sad:
  12. this is new to me. maybe it was just an error from ebay.
  13. weird. what did shipping get to?
  14. The shipping came out to $26.80 when they used a California zip code. The handbag weighs over 4 lbs.
    I'm not sure what I'm going to do since I have not gotten a correct amount from the shipping calculators
    yet. So got to the post office ahead of time to let my buyer know the cost or I refund the excess through Paypal. I told Ebay all this but it did not mater and I am sure someone reported me for whatever their true reasoning was.

    I now got another email indicating that I can re list.
    But what finally put me over the edge was an auction that a friend sent me:


    Please, someone tell me when did a LV Soufflot, weigh enough to cost $60 to ship. So in the last email to Ebay, I thanked the person for telling me I could re list and pointed out that this auction (yes I sent the link) was a true example of excessive shipping.
  15. This is not something I've ever heard before. I once had someone cross-question me about shipping costs and I explained honestly about the price of packaging expensive items carefully, travelling to a post office out of hours because of a demanding job etc and he seemed satisfied, but I had no idea that sellers could be unilaterally reported and suspended due to perceived excesses in postal costs . . .I so hope this works out for you soon. Do let us know.