eBay registration asking for debit or credit card number?

  1. I was attempting to register a friend for an eBay account and in the registration eBay asked for a credit card or debit card number to confirm identity. I do not remember this being in the process whilst I was signing up for my own account, is this a new feature?

    I personally do not like giving that sort of information over the internet, is there any way to get around it?
  2. I don't remeber giving them my credit card number when I was registering. I did give my credit card number when I started selling.
  3. From eBay:
    If the email address you entered during your buyer or business registration cannot be used to verify your identity, you will be asked to place your credit or debit card on file. This usually happens for one of the following reasons:
    • The email address came from a free, Web-based account such as a Yahoo! or Hotmail account.
    • eBay attempts to send a message to this email address but the message is repeatedly bounced back to eBay.
    eBay keeps your credit or debit card on file to safely and quickly verify your identity. Verifying some basic information about our members helps make eBay a safer place to buy and sell. Your card will be used for identification purposes only and will not be charged at any time.
    Remember: Your personal information is protected by eBay's Privacy Policy and encrypted by the industry-standard SSL software.
    If you don't want to place your credit or debit card on file, you might want to try registering with an email address from a company, school, or paid Internet Service Provider. Our automated system will determine by the email address that you use whether or not you would still require verification through a credit or debit card.

    This information can be found at http://pages.ebay.com/help/newtoebay/RegisterVerifyOrEmail.html


    I don't quite understand how you can do anything on eBay without sharing any kind of financial information??? I guess you must not be a member of PayPal either, then...
  4. I feel that this is a good thing as it restricts most people from opening up bogus accounts and also gives them a way to track people if they are scammers. Can you imagine what ebay would be like if they didn't verify anyone before they signed up??

    To answer your question- yes I had to give mine..
  5. My initial reaction was that it was a bad thing, but having then read the reasons why I can see it is probably a good thing... After having a bad experience with eBay this week I'm all for trying to keep the dodgy buyers and sellers away in the first place - rather than trying to clean up after them!
  6. When I first signed up back in 2000, you didn't need anything like this. Heck, I didn't even have a credit card back then, I was only in high school and was helping my mom get something she'd been wanting forever. I rarely bought anything, but as of a couple of years ago, I signed up with Paypal and it needed that info so they could verify your identification.
    I think it's a good thing in some cases so just anyone can't go signing up, bidding away, then leaving. At least they have some info on the person.

    However, I DON'T like how you need to have a card on file to sell on ebay...I don't want to use that card for my ebay payments and they have me set up for them, I can't change it. I tried deleting the card once and they wouldn't let me sell anything else until I had a card on file.
    I just try to send one-time payments before they invoice me so my card doesn't get charged.
  7. This would explain why I was never asked for a debit card number, I typically use my ISP email address for all matters like this. I've never used eBay for high priced transactions, so I've never seen the need for paypal.
  8. Yes I had to give a credit card number, they will charge your ebay seller fees to it if you don't pay another way!