Ebay refuse to list my item

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  1. I tried listing a Coach leather lanyard via Auctivia, but I got the message that the listiing violates some ebay policies. I have no idea what, but I thought it may be some policies in place for listing designer goods. Sure enough, I remove the word "Coach" from the title and the listing went up immediately. Has anyone had this experience listing designer stuff? :confused1:
  2. I would revise it and just add C*OACH in the title. Be sure to add the asterik as it really makes a difference.

    I just listed a Coach handbag this morning, and when I tried listing it without the asterik, it wouldn't go through. Once I put it in, it worked. And I was still able to have Coach in the item details for search purposes, as well.

    I had to do the same thing with my Gucci listing the other day, as well. G*UCCI.

    I guess we will see if it sells (or gets pulled).
  3. Most of the time I search for an item using the designer name. If you use an asterik, will people looking for a Coach bag still be able to find it easily?
  4. YUP! ...see this thread...
  5. Good question, but I assume so because of the listing details (i.e. designer, style, color, etc.) and I am getting hits, so I imagine it's there in the search somehow.
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