eBay refund question

  1. Could I get some advice please? My daughter bought a LV Koala wallet off eBay. Turns out the wallet is fake, so I emailed the lady and at first she refused to give a refund then I politely mentioned that it is illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise, etc. and so she emailed me back and said she would give a full refund as soon as she received the wallet back via express post. My instinct is to get the refund first because I don't trust her. What would you do? TIA.

    Edit: And of course, I had to put this in the wrong place, didn't I? Sorry mods.:shame:
  2. No one will refund w/o getting the item back first. . . that's totally reasonable.
    Ship it w/ Delivery Confirmation or Signature Required and you can track it.
    Did you pay w/ Paypal?
    You may want to go ahead and open a claim.
  3. Thanks. No, my daughter did not use paypal, she direct debited via her savings account. I wish she would have let me know that she was thinking of buying the wallet because I could have asked the clever guys and gals in the authentication forum whether or not it was genuine......and saved a lot of trouble. I just hope the woman is true to her word about refunding the money when I send the wallet back. Thanks again, I appreciate your advice.
  4. If the woman has great feedback, I'd bet there's no trouble. . . just make sure you get some importnat info on shipping/tracking.
  5. Thank you, I will.
  6. Open a dispute with eBay/ PayPal right away - you can always close it when you get your money back...
  7. I agree, definitely open a dispute even though the seller says she will give you your money back. That way she has someone "looking over her shoulder" during this whole thing. And definitely send it signature confirmation ... good luck!
  8. Thank you all for the advice. I will do that right away. (And if my darling daughter ever does this again......she'll be up for sale on eBay)!:yes: