Ebay red flags?

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  1. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this post, but it didn't seem appropriate for the ebay sellers thread since I don't have questions about a particular seller.

    I was looking at a gold Trim 35 and I asked the seller some questions: where she purchased the bag, questions about the lining and pockets, what year she purchased it. Everything checked out. I believe this is an authentic H bag.

    However ... she does not want to use Paypal and is insisting on a money order or cashier's check. She told me she had a bad experience purchasing a Birkin via Paypal that turned out to be fake. She asked Paypal to intervene and investigate and they refused to even answer her e-mails. So she does not want to give them any business.

    Second potential problem is that she does not have the dust bag. I understand that people lose them and that even bags on big-time resellers' sites often have certain peripherals missing. She claims she never received the dust bag -- that she ordered the bag from the FSH store in Paris and then received it a few months later and there never was a dust bag. (She did photograph the bag with the box, though.)

    What do you think? Does any of this sound fishy to you? DH seems to think these are deal breakers, but I'm not so sure. She answered all my questions about the particulars of the bag, and I'm very certain it's authentic as well as in excellent condition.
  2. Have you posted pictures of this bag in the Authenticate This thread? I would definitely do that first.

    I have never heard of a bag coming from Hermes without a dustbag. That is a red flag to me.

    And I now that there are some sellers that are not using paypal anymore for various reasons. however, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the payment arrangement. I personally would not do a money order because you cannot stop payment or track them.

    But if you feel like there are issues with this seller, listen to your gut. This is a lot of money to spend and if you are not entirely comfortable with the terms, better to pass and wait for better circumstances!!! Good luck with your decision!!!
  3. I don't even own an H bag, but I own a lot of H scarves and some other things. While I understand that a lot of sellers won't accept PayPal for a variety of reasons, the one stated by this seller is not one I've heard before and it sounds odd to me. Believe me, I am NO fan of PayPal and have been beyond infuriated at their lame dispute resolution process, but they have one - you file and they respond. I don't believe that the seller could have really used PayPal and they would not respond. There is more to the story.

    There was a recent thread I saw on whether or not it was safe to proceed with a cashier's check or money order and many folks with experience both buying and selling talked about the reasons...I'd check that out.

    I don't find a missing dust bag to be odd or unusual - except, again, I find the seller's reason to be fishy. Hermes is not going to send someone an item costing thousands of dollars and forget part of it. If by some chance they did, I would immediately march to my nearest boutique and get another one. I just don't believe that no dust bag came with the bag.

    I totally agree with Jag - you have some doubts and questions. I think for good reason. If your gut is squeamish, I would not go ahead and spend thousands of dollars. At MINIMUM, get the bag authenticated, which you can do here. If I were in your shoes, I'd get the names of the upstanding sellers and see what they have (or can get).

    Good luck!
  4. Oh - and one more thing - having a box, whether for a scarf or for a bag, doesn't help on the question of authenticity. The boxes are sold on eBay all the time. I think this happens more with scarf boxes than boxes that fit the bags, but having a box doesn't help in deciding if the seller is honest and above-board.
  5. Eliz, to be on the safe side, never purchase any high end designer item online. That's my rule of thumb. To avoid headaches and to guarantee the authenticity of the merchandise, always purchase the item in person at the store. You may think you're getting a good deal online, but pictures can be deceiving and sellers can be devious. There's nothing like the assurance of purchasing a designer merchandise in person at the store where you can get a feel of the material and be confident that what you are purchasing is precisely what you want. :idea:
  6. carpaccio, I agree that authenticity should always be checked out as well as possible, but I have bought several high end items online (Ebay and other sites) and having done the due dilligence, have been quite satisfied and received authentic goods. I don't think the internet is the problem, per se, but you have to be satisfied that you are getting what you pay for.

    In this case, there are too many red flags and I would pass. The Trim does come up fairly often at resale and with reputable resellers. So with patience, another will come along, one you can feel 100% confident about buying.
  7. I don't buy it. Even a Garden Party bag bought at the H sale comes with a dustbag. They would never ship a bag without a dust bag. If she lost it, that is one thing, but I don't believe they would let it leave the store without one.
  8. Thanks, everyone. I really value your advice. While I don't think it's necessary to refuse to ever buy luxury goods online, I'm going to pass on this one. I might always wonder what could have been, though, because the price was good and the bag was in a color and leather I've been lusting for.
  9. I think you just have to view it that you could have lost alot of money and better to buy from H or a recommended reseller and know you have the real deal
  10. Smart move! And no worries, there will always be another one! Keep your eyes on the ebay find thread- it is sure to pop up again!!! And let us know what you are looking for so we can help keep an eye out for you! Trust me, it is so much better to wait for the right circumstances, which most certainly can be found on line. And at these prices, better to be safe than sorry!