Ebay really irks me sometimes because....

  1. there are some sellers that are illegally posting fake bags, and it appears to be KNOWINGLY. I just was perusing, like everyone else since sometimes you can catch an incredible deal on an authentic item. So I come across a white cabas. Not just that, but they are advertising it with the reciept!!! Nevertheless, the bag is FAKE!!! If there is a receipt, someone has the real one... but it certainly does not go with the bag they are trying to pawn off.

    Sorry....just had to vent. It ticked me.
  2. Aww thats terrible, it makes it 10x harder for those of us selling REAL bags!!!
  3. PS...I wasn't looking at at a cabas for myself....I was just looking around in boredom and came across that astrocity.
  4. To bad they can't be honest and admit they are fakes, but then they could not scam people out of more money.