eBay RANT!!!

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  1. OK, here we go! My SIL sells on eBay and this one guy bought something from her and promised to pay withing a week even though the auction clearly stated "payment is due within three days of the auction end". So, a week goes by and she hears nothing. He has great feedback so she isn't worried at this point. Then another few days go by and still no payment or contact. She emails him and asks if he still wants the item because if he doesn't she was going to re-list it! A few more days go by and he emails her to tell her that he changed his mind and that if she won't leave him negative feedback, he won't leave her one either!!!:wtf: WTF?! Sometimes she buys me my LE LVs on eBay and one time she purchased something because I told her to and then in the morning I really regreted my buy so I asked her to email the seller and offer to pay his/hers listing fees because I felt horrible for not going though with the sale. The seller was nice enough to accept the offer and was very nice about the whole thing. This guy had no F***ING remorse whatsoever!!!:cursing: And to threaten someone with a negative feedback?! C'mon!!! I told her to leave him a negative but she refuses to do so! I would've let it go if the guy wasn't a jerk and didn't tell her that! But the fact that he did really bugs me!
    What's your take on the situation?
  2. have her file an unpaid item dispute. If he doesn't respond to the dispute, she can close it, get her fees back, he gets a strike, and she can neg him and he can't neg back. If he does respond, then she's out of luck on the feedback part. She shouldn't be afraid to recieve a neg.

    She should say, "EOA xx/xx, UPI xx/xx, FVF xx/xx NO payment, NO communication." When he retaliates, she can respond with, "Retalitory neg from a non-paying bidder."
  3. Definitely tell her about the unpaid item dispute. I have one going right now with a person who didn't send me her check for only $3.99 for a magazine. I clearly state "3 days if you're paying with paypal and 10 days if you're paying by check." So she told me she'd send her check on the 24th and I haven't heard a word from her since. I've emailed, sent her payment reminders and still nothing. So I opened the item dispute a couple days ago...I doubt she'll respond to that either.
    This is the second one I've had to file since I started selling a few months ago...funny how it's always the cheapest things that don't get paid for.
    Because of this, I'm changing my auction terms to state that only bidders with 10+ positive feedback can send checks or MO's, since both bidders I had stiff me were newbies.
    Ugh. Tell her about that process and good luck..that's definitely not HER fault.
  4. Im pretty sure there is an ebay policy somewhere stating that all buyers have 7 days to pay, correct me if im wrong. But i would def leave neg feedback in that case... i think there are people out there with nothing better to do than do some half-arsed bidding on a whole bunch of items they have no intention of buying.
  5. Ebay gives a buyer 7 days to pay, that's why you can't file a UPI until the 7th day. Then Ebay gives them 7 more days to pay or respond, and that's when you can close the dispute, on the 14th day.
  6. Either way he can still leave her a neg. Even if he doesn't respond.The only way is if he gets NARUed from not paying BUT if he gets his account back with in 90days of the transaction he can still go in & leave neg. So if she is worried about getting a neg I would say don't leave one for him. This is one thing I really wish ebay would change. It makes me so mad that buyers that don't even pay can leave feedback.

  7. File an unpaid item dispute AND leave the F**k** negative feedback. Honestly, when I buy from a seller, I look to see why that seller has neg feedback. Most of the time, the neg feedback isn't the fault of the seller, but of the buyer who didn't want to pay. I refuse to give into feedback blackmail!
  8. Go through the unpaid item thing. . . he'll forfeit his rights to leave feedback if she files a NPB. Then she can give him his earned neg and he can't retaliate.
  9. wait until the NPB goes through and fees are returned before negging him, otherwise he can retaliate - 7 days.
  10. Not true. Ebay changed it as of February 1, 2006, if a Buyer does not repond to an unpaid item dispute, they can leave feedback, but no rating will be shown and "buyer did not respond to unpaid item dispute" will be shown under the feedback left.
  11. I say leave negative feedback. His negative feedback to me won't scare me cause I will just respond to it stating buyer's remorse, non-paying bidder - STAY AWAY!!! or something like that. If people are curious to see why your feedback isn't 100% positive, they will see that it's not your fault.
  12. You can leave feedback on each other's account for up to 90 days, so get your SIL to leave a neg for him on the last day or close to it, and by the time he sees it, it will be too late for him to leave a retailiatory one! Sneaky, but it works!
  13. What is UP with ebay right now?? I probably have sold about 15 items this month, maybe fewer, and ended up with 3 nonpaying bidders. I purchased 4 items and have one that to the best of my knowledge never shipped and the buyer won't respond to my emails (it's an $80 item too, not cheap!). 2 of the other items I purchased were shipped in less than ideal condition (one, a coat, REEKED of pet odor and was covered in dog hair, I just threw it away as I didn't pay that much for it. it was advertised as being in excellent condition, of course). And all the sellers I purchased from have excellent feedback! I've never had this much trouble eBay, before my transactions had always been so easy :crybaby: I've got a couple auctions running right now but then I'm DONE with ebay for a good long time. I'm only going to use it for items I just can't get any other way, like antiques.

    Sorry about your troubles, I hope you get them resolved soon! I'd definitely leave negatives as suggested, let people know that this guy can't be trusted!
  14. if the buyer doesn't respond to a UPI dispute, then they can't leave a feedback rating, just a comment, which will follow by, "buyer did not respond to unpaid item dispute"
  15. Until recently I'd never had a problem with ebay, the last three purchases I made were all terrible. One item ($375) never received, another eventually arrived three weeks later after 10 emails and the last item a NWT Banana Republic top reeked of BO. It was more like worn with tags, gross.
    It's just such a time consuming nuisance when stuff like this happens!