Ebay rant

  1. I sold a Marc Jacobs keychain on eBay to a new Ebayer- only had 1 feedback. Right away I get the, "Can I send a money order, I do not have paypal?" "Sure" I charged $3! I bought the padded envelope and shipped it the next day.... so she writes in my feedback I charge too much! $3!!
    Now I was just looking at a used handbag on eBay and they are charging $40 to ship it! $40!!! FORTY! They are in Long island for goodness sakes! UPS would be $13 tops!! How unfair is that? I charge what it costs and get a feedback that says basically that I am greedy while others charge $40?? That is so unjust!
  2. I think people want you to ship things for nothing. I have 4.8 stars for shipping and I try to charge postage +.50 to cover bubble wrap to pack things in. Often I lose $ on shipping and insurance and people are still unhappy.

    Take a deep breath and remember that you can't please everyone.
  3. neg her
  4. That's ridiculous! Newbies need to learn the ropes, IMO. Until they start selling, I don't think people are
    aware of how much eBay and PP fees eat into your profit. Don't leave her FB until she leaves it first. If she's rude, well, give her what she deserves...:devil:

    Sorry, I reread your post and I see she already left FB. Well, you can always respond to her FB.
  5. Yeah , I wrote, "$3 for postage and a padded envelope!!"

    Of course now I want to write to the person charging $40 for shipping- are you nuts??? I saw Ebay now has a thing where you can report someone for excessive shipping. $40 for a handbag in the USA is a bit excessive, right?
  6. That sucks! It seems the ones that are the PITA are always the ones you bend over backwards for!

    I would leave a comment in her fb about it.
  7. Well, I think that depends on how expensive the bag is and if insurance and sig. confirmation is included. I recently paid $30 for a Chloe shipped priority with sig. confirmation, and the seller literally lives about 20 min away from me!
  8. I guess you can't please everyone... if you had charged less and used a tatty recycled envelope instead, you'd probably get something like "too tight to afford some proper packaging, goods arrived broken".

    With some people you can't win either way :shrugs:

    In any case, $3 is a very reasonable shipping price for a keyring, imo the buyer is too damn stingy!
  9. I had my bag pulled for excessive shipping... 4 lb bag, included insurance, wouldn't fit in flat rate box... I charged $15! I think it was a competitor
  10. I am surprised they pulled it for that! If you ship priority with sig. con. then that is definately reasonable.

    I charge 10.50 for a 2lb package and if it goes to Cali. (I'm in FL) I end up paying $2 out of my pocket

    Ebay ussually don't police items themselves, it probably was a competitor.
  11. OMG $15 seems to be the standard rate nowadays!! I can not believe you got pulled for that!
  12. I've started to see more and more sellers charging excessive shipping. I just report them; I'd never buy and pay the amounts they are charging.

    If you purchase postage online from USPS, there is no charge for delivery confirmation.

    I always use priority USPS and print the label from USPS so it's included. Rarely offer insurance, but even that cost is minimal. For the things I sell, anyway -

    It's always hard to get your first negative for such a stupid reason! {{{Hugs}}}
  13. It really depends on the price and size of the handbag- with the new USPS rates based on the box size as well as the weight. It cost me $30-35 to ship a 1,200 Chanel bag priority with insurance and signature confirmation.
  14. Same here. They complain about the USPS flat rate sometimes. When they do that, I give them the link to the USPS site and show them exactly how much it costs.