Ebay question?

  1. I have to list a couples of bag for sell, authentic as always need to invest in a balenciaga bag but since reading all the post about how eBay just pull the auction off making me nervous my question is that do they still charge you all the listing fee if they want to shut your auction down?
  2. If they cancel your auction before anyone buys it then yes you will get your listing fees back automatically. If they cancel your auction after the auction ends, and someone has won the item, then you'll still get your listing fees back automatically but you don't get your final value fee back. You'll have to contact eBay directly to have this fee refunded manually.
  3. I think eBay is good if you know how to use it. Just post every single flaw if any, take tons of pictures, guarantee 100% authenticity or double money back (which would never happen because it is authentic) and say that all sales are final to insure that sketchy people won't do anything wierd. If you describe your things well in the description and are honest and good, then ebay can really be awesome. i have made a TON of money selling old shoes and purses. Good luck!