Ebay Question

  1. Hi All -

    I am a newbie to ordering bags online (other than elux). If you order something off ebay that is shipped from another country, do you have to pay customs? How does that work?

    Thanks to all!!
  2. not if they mark it as a gift. be careful buying overseas... there are a ton of fakes.
  3. i bought something off ebay from hong kong last week and i didn't have to pay customs...
  4. yeah if they mark it as a gift i dun think u will need to pay tax.
  5. It totally depends on how they ship it. If they ship UPS then watch out - they'll get ya with 'brokerage' fees etc.
  6. not true. I've had to pay customs on "gifts". I always ask the sellers to not mark gift, because that's concidered fraud.\

    Usually, if the seller uses a POSTAL service, and not a parcel delivery service, there is no customs charge. (this could differ from country to country, but I've only had to pay customs once and that was on the "gift" one)
  7. i think even if it is declared as "gift" you still have to pay a little tax DEPENDING on the CUSTOMS AMOUNT DECLARATION....postal people are very wise now
  8. Thank you all! I was considering buying something from marketplace here but I am not sure!