Ebay question.....

  1. I'm confused. If a seller has private feedback but 100% positive is it always to be viewed with suspicion? One seller has a white Hobo listed. I had asked in the authenicate this(before it was taken away) and they said it appeared okay but be leery of the private feedback. In the questions to seller at the bottom of the auction page, someone asked her about it. She said it was so relatives, friends could not see what she bought and what she paid.
    BUT all one has to do is advanced search by seller or bidder, put in that name and it shows what they have bid on or sold?
    Am I interpreting this incorrectly? I am sure at some point I am going to have to buy on Ebay because the older colors are hard to find elsewhere. When I do I am going to use a credit card with Pay Pal so that at least I have that protection. Can someone explain the private feedback. Is it always a red flag even if they have no negative feedback?
    I would post the auction on here but I think that Helen doesn't want us to do that.:confused1:
  2. Yeah, that is kinda weird. I know that you can look up a buyer's or seller's history but only for the past 30 days, whereas in the feedback section, the auctions stay viewable for 90 days. Can you see the amount of feedback she has or only the %? I dunno... yeah, I'd be kind of iffy too.
  3. Sometimes there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, I do believe that you can ask them to let you view it, I think there is some way of doing that. The reason that many people make their feedback private is because they have been accused of shady business in the past. For the most part, ethical sellers shouldn't have anything to hide or that is the consensus.