ebay question

  1. I sold a new fendi bag i decided i couldn't keep on ebay on saturday the buyer chose buy it now. Yet the buyer is from france didnt intend to do business with someone overseas but i dont really mind. how long should i wait to receive payment? seller hasnt even contacted me after i sent invoice should i be worried?

    sorry its my first time selling something on ebay so im weary...
  2. What payment terms did you put in the auction? If the buyer is in France, please keep in mind there is a time difference, you may not hear from her until the next day. I always expect payment within 5 days, 7 if they mail a check or money order.
  3. For future reference, you can block buyers from locations you don't ship to in your sellers preferences.

    As for payment, 7 days from EOA is how long you should wait. File Unpaid Item Dispute, and if buyer doesn't respobd to that on the 7th day of the dispute, close the dispute and get your fees back.
  4. Hey, the same thing happened to me Saturday -- buyer is from France and I haven't heard a word on a buy it now. I didn't intend to sell out of the U.S. but I was going to honor it. I sent an invoice and a friendly "thanks for your bid," but I've heard zilch. (Mine is a Gucci blondie.)
  5. This is weird but the same thing happen to me ..... :confused1: :confused1:
    Seller is from France, she bought my Chloe Silverado from Buy it now on sat and I didn't hear from hear yet...
    What should we do?
  6. Interesting, I went to check my buyers' address and got this message on the EBay's "payment status" link:
    The following critical errors have occurred:

    Checkout Blocked

    We are sorry. Checkout is not available at this time since the registered status of the buyer has been blocked. The suspended user should resolve any outstanding complaints on file.
    I think I'm going to use the live help.
  7. Aha, my "buyer" has been suspended so I was able to file a NBP right away and get my fees back. Yay! This is actually a relief.
  8. Lucky you !! :sad:
    My buyer had change her name and still no response since sat. :crybaby: I can't wait any longer...
  9. What is going on here! How annoying! Sorry to hear this you guys!
  10. you can choose to close the NPB dispute after 7 days. Choose the option that it says that :you don't want to continue dealing with that buyer.:supacool: