ebay question


Nov 15, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
how do they get the shoes at a price so reasonable that they can sell on ebay and make a profit? especially the buy now sellers! i want new louboutins but am terrified of getting fakes. we only have one store in ireland that sell louboutins and they do not have the ones i want
Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
Which auctions are you referring to specifically? You can post any links you're considering in the "Authenticate-this" section at the top and I (as well as many others) can help you authenticate. The vast majority of eBay CL shoes are authentic; there are a few (mostly for the "Bruges" style) that are clearly fake, and the prices are too good to be true --watch out for those.


Mar 3, 2007
New York
Squeak - I agree with Foxy, it is very rare to see fake CL shoes on Ebay. So far, the only styles that I have seen that are faked on ebay are the bruges and the espadrille wedges from last year. I would say that about 95% of the CL shoes on ebay are authentic.
You never know how people can offer such good deals on brand new (especially current season) shoes. Perhaps they work at a department store and use their employee discount to purchase the shoes. Or perhaps they are just wealthy impulse shoppers that buy shoes and never end up wearing them. I know a lady that lives in a remote part of the country, she goes on major shopping trips a few times a year or sometimes has her shoes shipped to her from all over the country since there are no Louboutin retailers near her town. She buys up everything her husband allows her to and then if she changes her mind, it is just easier to sell them on ebay rather than going through the hassle of shipping them back to the retailer where she purchased them from. She has mentioned to me that sometimes she is even able to make a profit on her items purchased in Europe due to the favorable exchange rate and VAT refunds.
I have also seen many auctions where people are selling shoes (or other items) that have been used for editorials. I actually know OF a girl (not anyone I directly know) who used to work for a major fashion magazine and would *borrow* (cough cough) items from the press closets to sell on ebay. She clearly lost her job after doing this for a few months.
Anyway, I guess you never know how people are able to provide great offers. As long as the items you are bidding on are authentic, I guess that it doesn't really matter.


Shoe Addict
Oct 7, 2006
Many eBay sellers have very little overhead so they can sell shoes for less and still make money. There also may be store owners on ebay selling excess stock at a discount to clear out inventory.