Ebay question


Dec 30, 2005
Hi Everybody,

I am new to this forum and am very glad I found this site. I've been a guest for days and just finally registered. :smile: I was wondering if anyone can answer my question...

Like everyone here, I LOVE purses. :smile: However, due to limited funds, I am trying to find the bags I want for cheaper...which is why I have been looking on Ebay. I have been an Ebayer for years so I am very familiar with how to buy smart from Ebay etc. In my quest for bags, I have stumbled upon many many many sellers on Ebay with 99 -100% feedback ratings who have been selling for years and who have also sold (and are selling) tons of bags that they are claiming to be 'authentic'. Now, if these bags weren't authentic, I doubt they would have such excellent feedback and would have been power seller for years. At some point SOMEONE would have figured out they were fakes and would have posted negative feedback. So my question to you guys is WHERE do these sellers get all these handbags and how can they afford to sell them at a discount? Assuming they are real, are they stolen? Any thoughts and ideas on this? I am tempted to purchase something from a seller that has 100% feedback, has sold almost 2 thousand items, most of them handbags. I am just wondering WHERE this person could possibly be getting these bags at such a discount if they are truly authentic.

I've seen sellers with thousands of feedbacks selling fake bags, you can't just look at the feedback itself. These sellers often just offer refunds in order to save their own feedbacks.. hush money really.

And if it's a Louis Vuitton in question, there is no way to get a discounted and new Louis, there are many reputable sellers on eBay which acquire many LVs as they are actually collaborative of a consignment shop.

Hi Ayla,

No it is not a Luis. :smile: I am actually just looking at a Coach. We're not talking huge money here. :smile: I read the feedback and most say that they loved their bag and that it was definitely "real" or "authentic." No negative feedbacks were "withdrawn" etc.

I am not so much wondering about this particular seller, I was just wondering in general terms...if SOME of these sellers are selling the real deal...where do they get them? Do you guys think there are a lot of stolen authentic bags on Ebay or just people with great connections????
Hello I have sold on ebay for years. Coach Bags mostly. This is how the Sellers with the fake Bags keep good feedback. They never give you feedback till you give it to them. They let you return less shipping. So you get your $ Back and are glad, but see that if you give A Neg you will get one back so no feedback is left. Then the Buyers that do not know the real deal give them enough + to keep going. This S*&ks
The seller selling authentic Bags will mostly only have one to five of A Style at most. The Bags will come from Store clearance; outlets having sales; Consignment etc.. I lot of new Bags are sometimes brought in for consignment. Seeing A seller selling A Gucci Horsebit or Marc Stella every Week you better run while you can.
:sad2: So how do we stop the fake bags on ebay? Getting the Federal trade commision in the middle of ioffer would help. So how do we do this?
Thanks for your reply Hpzapper. I was just wondering where sellers get their great deals on "authentic" bags so that they could afford to sell them on Ebay. I didn't realize that stores, outlets, and consignment stores were "sources" for the sellers. That's good to know.

This one seller I am considering buying from does not have a lotof the same bag. In fact, this is the only one in that style he/she is selling. Besides a couple of other Coach bags, he/she has other brands besides Coach and also non-purse items.

By the way, It is good to know there ARE some honest sellers on Ebay. :smile:
I think too that a lot of buyers are not going to go to the trouble of checking the authenticity of the bag once they get it. It doesn't appear to be that easy to do- too bad you can't just type the serial numbers into a website like you can the "VIN" number on a car. I have bought a coach off of Ebay before and I am happy with the bag but I don't think I would ever be confident enough to put it back up for re-sale and assert it's authenticity. I guess that's how I make my Ebay purchase decisions. If they're for my personal use and I can't tell the difference then I'm o.k. with taking the risk that it might be a fake but if I'm going to put down 4 figures then it better be certifiable.:biggrin:
With Coach it is not A Vin at all. Coach has so to say J4U 9827 well 9827 is the syle that is the last large Backpack made. J4U would tell Coach the Factory and Date of production. This is very easy to copy but they still get it wrong. You have to know the ((Leather)) size of pull tabs and stitching. Coach never had 5 #s like eu 104