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  1. Howdy,

    So I finally found a buyer for my LV Twin ...yippie! However, the problem is the auction has already ended. Is a buyer still able to pay through Paypal and if so, how? Can she pay on a closed auction or does she just go through paypal and pay if that makes sense? TIA!
  2. Tell her to go through PayPal and choose "Other" under the option pull down menu, instead of choosing "eBay Auction" or going through eBay, because since the auction has ended it might not let her pay. I went through something similar when I sold a bag on eBay a couple of months ago. I got a BIN offer, so I was waiting to receive her payment before I ended the auction. PayPal wouldn't accept her payment through eBay because the auction hadn't ended yet. It worked when she chose "Other" when making the payment.

    Hope this helps :biggrin:
  3. Cristina is correct have her choose OTHER. It has worked time and again with me.
  4. Great..thanks guys! I'll email her right now! If the rep system wasn't down, I'd give y'all some positive points! :smile:
  5. You are so welcome! Good Luck on the finalities of the sale. Rep points are no big deal with me.
  6. I know. I didn't care one way or another about them but I think it's less stressful w/o them! :P