Ebay Question/Problem!

  1. So, I won an auction from a seller who didnt state the shipping for international buyers in the listing. But I had just won another similar auction from the same seller the week before (she had told me the shipping for it on the same day I had asked) so I assumed this one would be a similar shipping and would be ok to bid, but obviously I now want to make sure of the shipping. I won the auction on July 6 and requested the total from the seller right afterwards. After not getting my total for two days I requested it again. I assumed the seller was out of town etc or something since they had no new listings on her eBay. Two days ago I noticed a bunch of new things were listed so I emailed the seller asking for my total again saying that I would like to pay since in her auctions is states payment must be received in 5 days. Yesterday was the 5th day and she finally contacted me and said she would send the invoice, and also that there were two different ways for it to be shipped and she would let me know the prices of them. I havent heard back since then when I know she has been on her eBay since she answered another question of mine about the first auction I won (Has it been sent out?) and it's really frustrating!! Should I contact eBay about it or wait more to hear from her...?

    Thank you SO much for any help!! :smile:
  2. Looks like this seller is not very responsive and organized. International shipping is a little bit complicated since size of the box, weight, and which country to ship all make differences. The seller probably needs to go the post office to get an estimate first. I'd say give her 2 or 3 days more days to get back to you.
  3. International selling can require some additional research. I would give her a few more days.
  4. Yes she seems quite casual about it.
    You cam request her contact info just to get her to move things along.

    I wonder how long its gonna take her to actually ship something!
  5. It's such a fine line on Ebay between reminders and hassle isn't it? I think I would send a 'sorry to agitate, but I am really keen to secure this great item' kind of message if I hadn't heard anything by bedtime today.
  6. I'm wondering that as well! :tdown:

    I'm just confused because she gave me a shipping price for the first item I bought very quickly and she only gave me one price for it (I think it was for priority mail) so I dont know why this time she's taking so long :confused1: Thank you all for the replys! :heart:
  7. ^^^ but it might just be that the first price she gave you was too low to cover the actual P&P of the item, and it ended up costing her money to post it to you, so this time she wants to check out the exact price and offer a cheaper service too and not risk losing out again by guess-timating. Don't worry, some sellers just aren't as efficient as others, but if her FB is okay it should be fine.
  8. ahh that makes sense, she does have all positive feedback, so hopefully I'll finally get a total soon! :smile:
  9. she can get a quote from USPS's website. that'll be fast and easy. She just needs to know the weight of the package.
  10. I thought of that as well, I would think that would be the easiest?

    I have still not heard back from her, I sent another message an hour or so ago.. :tdown: