eBay question on making an offer

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  1. A seller has relisted an MJ wallet twice and is about to relist a 3rd time. The seller will consider an offer. For the 3rd relist she will be bringing the starting price down to $199 from $249.99. I don't know what I should offer, maybe $199 or perhaps a little higher? It's an authentic zip clutch with some distressing from storage but never used and minor scratches on the hardware. Retail is $395 What do you think?
  2. Is the listing going to have a 'best offer' feature on it, or is she negotiating with you outside of the listing? I would usually offer somewhere between 10 and 15% below the 'buy it now' price. I've had a few accepted, and a few 'counter offers' which I've been happy with. As a seller I've had people come in with really low offers, which I just ignore, because it would be pointless to counter offer them!

    Good luck with your purchase!
  3. There was no BIN for the listing. I contacted the seller a few times with questions and found out he's listing it a 3rd time so I asked if he'd consider an offer. I just don't know what to offer, $199, or less or more.
  4. if he's bringing the starting price down to $199 offer that. are you going to ask if you can do a BIN?
  5. I would probably offer him about $10 - $20 above his starting price. He hasn't tried it at $199 before, so unless you offer him slightly more, he may be willing to take his chances to see if somebody else bids.

    Make sure you do it all through eBay and paypal for your own protection!
  6. i'd offer the $199. it can't hurt to ask, and by now he may be willing just to get rid of it.

    be sure to use paypal/cc to take care of your end.
  7. if you make an offer and its not enough they can come back with a counter offer. I would offer what you wnat to pay.