Ebay question - naru'd ebayer bin on my auction?

  1. Hi - I just signed onto my Ebay and I saw an auction of mine sold but the winning bidder is NARU'd? What should I do? THe auction is 300041158082
  2. What is NARU'd?
  3. I'd offer it to the next Bidder personally.
  4. have you sent the item? if not you can open an unpaid item dispute, select reason as buyer no longer regiestered" and you'll get your fees back.

    If you've sent the item, I guess you got paid first anway.
  5. Not A Registered User
  6. This makes me mad. How can eBay allow a non-registered person bid in the first place? This is clearly eBay's big mistake.

    Sorry, you need an answer for your question, not another complaint. I like MissTing's suggestion.

    Hope eBay fix this for you immediately.
  7. Wow! Thanks for all your quick responses :smile:

    It must have just happened. I checked at lunch time and the auction was still running. I just listed last night. I checked just now and someone had done BUY IT NOW. (so there are no second bidders) When I look at their id, it looks like it was just opened today? The auction says they are paying me by Money Order.. So it is not shipped.

    I emailed ebay and they said their response time is 24-48 hours.. Should I email the buyer and tell them not to send it yet? If you're brand new to ebay, does it show NOT A REGISTERED USER next to their name?
  8. Ok.. Well I did some reading and I'm not supposed to buy / sell to them.. Thanks ladies!
  9. A de-registered person cannot bid. the buyer would have bought the iem and then become de-registered.

    the OP has also mentioned that buyer wanted so send a money order, that's typical for scammers..