Ebay question....help please!!

  1. Thanks ladies for taking the time to read this......I sell on Ebay...not professionally, generally just when I have overextended my husband's credit card, and need to pay it off before he becomes aware:wacko: !! I sold a few items about a month ago, and shipped everything the day after the audtion closed and I recieved payment. One of my buyers contacted me a few days ago and has never recieved her item. I sent it airmail, without tracking....and everyone else recieved their things within a week. I want to do the right thing, and asked her what would be fair, and she told me that she would like a refund. I responded that I thought it would be fair to refund 1/2 the total amount, as I am also out of an item....does this sound fair to you guys??? I just want to do the right thing....
  2. It's the NICE thing to do, but it's not the FAIR thing to do.
    You have no proof she didn't recieve it. Out of almost 400 transactions on eBay I've had, I've only not received 2 items. Neither Seller could really do anything about it unfortunately.
    The BUYER is RESPONSIBLE for selecting to insure or not.
  3. Did she pay with paypal? Tracking service is REQUIRED, sorry. :sad2: Paypal will find in her favor if she opens a dispute. I have heard horror stories of buyers scamming sellers when they notice the package has no delivery confirmation.....it's an easy win with paypal because if they claim the package is lost, there's nothing to counter it. I am not suggesting your buyer is doing this, but make sure to purchase tracking in the future. How much was the total? Paypal would require that you give her a full refund by the way.
  4. Not when it comes to paypal. Insurance is for the seller's protection because any buyer can file a paypal claim or chargeback and win if they claim the item was "not as described" or never received. It's not fair to the honest sellers. :cry:
  5. Thanks....these are thing I don't know....I guess I can wait to see how it plays out :sad:
  6. If she really didn't get it, you should refund her, because it's not her fault you're out of an item, too.

  7. So it was a paypal payment? Sorry, she'll most likely win a full refund because paypal will ask about delivery confirmation. IF she accepts a partial refund, I would say she's scamming you and has the package. Would you as a buyer ever accept a partial refund if you truly never received a package? I sure wouldn't. :amazed: I hope the amount wasn't too high...and that she doesn't file with paypal. :shame: :amuse:
  8. I hate to say this but if you didn't send with a way to track it is in your court to refund her fully. It sucks but you are responsible and that is why tracking is so important. Think about you being the buyer and someone wanting to do only a partial.

    It could be that she did receive the item and is hitting you up for a full refund because she knows there is no way of proof, hence why you need to protect yourself.

    Good luck and sorry to hear about this!
  9. that's a tough question....because you don't know for sure whether she received it or not.....

    but for future selling, ALWAYS purchase tracking in case you need to prove you shipped something!
  10. That's awful :sad2: Is there anyway to track a parcel through USPS? Maybe if you call them they can atleast give you some information about it? I hope it wasn't a whole lot of money for your sake, bc Paypal will almost definitely file in the buyer's favor. It sucks that there's almost no protection for sellers on e-bay - there are plenty of buyers who scam people as well as sellers!

    Good luck and I hope everything works out :o)
  11. w/o insurance or delivery confirmation the USPS can't/wont really do anything for you.
    Did you ship 1st Class? It can take up to 14 days 1st class.

    Even if I don't use insuarnce or delivery confirmation, I keep my reciept, it shows teh date, weight and zip code.
  12. Well, I shipped from Hong Kong via HK post....all I can think is that it may have gone by sea as opposed to air by mistake which can take up to 6 weeks. There was no receipt given, etc....so I am kind of left with no way to get any info...damn, this sucks!! It wasn't that expensive $60....so all in all if I have to pay for the whole thing it is not the end of the world......
  13. At least it was only $60!!! I almost sent out an $800 bag to someone who paid w/ unauthorized funds! Thank God PayPal e-mailed me before I shipped it!!! Some buyers can be jerks. :evil:
  14. i state in all my items, that the buyer can choose to insure the item, and if they don't choose to, it's not my problem if it gets lost, once it leaves my hands, i take no responsiblity.
  15. That's fine unless you accept Paypal. If you use Paypal, to protect yourself, and comply with their terms and conditions, then you need to send everything via online trackable means, irrespective of your own auction terms...