ebay question : Feedback urgent on this!

  1. When posting photos of a bag on ebay, are you supposed to provide a photo of your authenticity tag (as in a Chanel) as a part of the provided photos that identify the bag? Does this protect you from a copy being substituted or give a dishonest person too much information - Feedback please!!!!!! Thanks so much!
  2. I know that when you post the tag it helps people know whether it's authentic. However, I don't know if you would be able to use it as proof of authenticity if it were returned. The person could say that you did a bait and switch.
  3. So, do you know anyway of protecting oneself against getting a fake bag back after a return?
  4. Do you have a receipt for the bag or can you get one if you paid by credit card?
  5. Yes, I have the receipt.
  6. Well, hypothetically if someone were to give you back a fake bag and claim that iyours was not authentic. Pull out that receipt and show you bought the bag from the store itself.
  7. I SO appreciate that advice - I can copy the receipt if the buyer wants it and keep my original!!! I don't know why I suddenly am running scared! You are such a help!
  8. On all my auctions.. I always say ALL SALES ARE FINAL.. with that I provide good clear photos of the bag, tags, serial numbers, and if I have the receipt I include it with the sale. I would never accept the bag unless I described it completely wrong. good luck!
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  11. okay so I guess I should also copy the authenticity card. - this is getting very complicated - the buyer can always chargeback whether you accept returns or not.
  12. maybe you can put a security tag on the bag so they can't do bait and switch.. or not accept paypal or only sell on the marketplace.
  13. I would not give the buyer your receipt. You will need that as verification if there are issues. I would give the buyer a xerox (with your personal info expunged of course).
  14. That's what I'm going to do - a copy with personal info crossed out - I'm just curious as to whether to show a photo of the bag's authenticity tag and whether this helps me or hurts me..
  15. I try to provide a receipt, if possible. When I do ebay, I provide a copy first with the bag when it's shipped out. After the transaction is completed, I then send the original to the buyer. Had a problem with a lost package and had the sent the original. Will never do that again. It is crucial to provide evidence of its authenticity tothe post office if there is damage or loss. After all, it could be a fake.
    Receipts are helpful, but remember a lot of fake junk is sold with receipts. You do know that your purchases are logged by Louis Vuitton in a computer, right? I thought they deleted it, after a while, but one SA told me no. That would be proof, also--but I can't imagine them disclosing that. Privacy issue?