eBay question: deleting your own listing

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  1. Hey,
    I am selling a bbag on eBay and just got a high, informal offer for it, and was wondering how I delete my own posting, and if i do, if there's a fee...

    I am not very eBay-savvy, so any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. You can end your listing early and you can select for what reason, like 'to sell at the highest bidders price' or 'this item is no longer available for sale'. If you do not complete the transaction on Ebay, then you don't have to pay any final value fees, just the original listing fees... The button to end your listing early should be somewhere on your listing, like at the bottom or top I think. HTH.
  3. I wouldn't do it personally. If you sell OFF eBay you have no recourse or back up from them or Paypal if something goes wrong.
  4. If it were my item, and i'd previously agreed a price with a buyer, i would add a Buy it now to the auction.:smile:
    That way, everything is still done through the proper channels and you both get a fair deal.
  5. You can click on 'end my auction early' and there are a number of reasons you can give... even to say the item is broken or lost.

    You said, "a high, informal offer" which sounds odd to me.

    I would add the 'Buy it Now' option so you can sell through eBay. You'll have to pay a final value fee... but even if you end a listing early, which is what you would be doing if you agreed to this informal offer, you will still have to pay the listing fee.

    I never end an auction early when someone emails me to do so. Are you sure you want to take the chance with this?