Ebay question (chat involved!)

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  1. I saw this listed Madison Julianne:


    and I thought it looked familiar. Then it hit me the same seller had the same item end July 9. Isn't it a little early for a non paying buyer?

    The same description about using it a few times etc.-- exactly the same. two slightly used bags of the same style & color? Even I, who has been known to buy doubles (although not Coach bags) found this odd.

  2. It could be a case of shill bidding. the seller bid on their own item to try to jack up the price and accidentally won. This is the larger one that was like 898, right? i'm guessing they didnt want to sell it so cheap so they won their own auction and relisted.
  3. I am also getting non-paying bidders who say that "paypal is having a problem with my credit card" excuse this month. Hvae had 2 since July 1. End up re-listing because they are overextended on their cards.
  4. Hmm, strange - could be shill bidding...
    Or this seller could have done what a seller just did to me... apparently she didn't like that the bag sold at a lower price than she wanted, so she tried to cancel the auction after it already ended. Her excuse was that she "no longer had the bag."

    I bet my seller will relist hers too, even though her excuse was that her "sister sold it in her store this morning" and didn't have the bag anymore. I was like, "um, if your sister sold it this morning, and it is now 10:00pm, why didn't you cancel the auction before it ended and I won?" I literally got an email from her instantly after the auction ended requesting to cancel. PLEASE... I hate when people try to insult your intelligence with a stupid lie.

    Anyway... sorry for the hijack, but it seems sellers (and buyers too) on evilbay have gotten more & more shady lately!
  5. Hm, the last winner was a new bidder. So either it was shill bidding and seller opened another account. Or just a new bidder that decided she did not want to pay, etc.