Ebay question, but not about authenticity

  1. Need help, if anyone can. I'll try to be brief, but it's still long.
    I sold a Chanel bag on eBay on Dec. 11th. Shipped overseas to London the next day. Buyer contacts me about shipping date as it was to be an X-mas gift and not yet received. She selected airmail parcel post, so I apologize but tell her there are no time guarantees with that shipping method. She contacts me again on Jan. 9th, requesting a refund as bafg is still not there. I call international customs the same day and am told they attempted delivery that same day (coincidence? doubt it) but they were unable to deliver (couldn't give me a reason). I contact her with the good news that it is there and they will re-deliver the next day. I never hear from her again, until receiving a message today from Paypal that she is trying to get a chargeback with her credit card company. They freeze my funds. Unfortunately, I have insured it, but, I have no online tracking number (I know, my fault for not thouroughly reading the seller protection policy), so chances are she will get her refund and she has kept my purse! I know she has it because I called international customs and they have a signed record of her receiving it on Jan. 10th at 8 am. This does not help me with Paypal though, because it's not trackable online, only if you call. (UGH! :cursing: )
    My question is this: Is there any way to file an international mail fraud case against her? I'm fairly certain you can file one for such matters for domestic mail, but am lost on international cases. Has anyone else had a similar problem? How did it end?
    Sorry for the super long post, but I am seriously fuming right now. :hysteric:
    Thank you in advance for any suggestions / advice. I apologize if this is not in the appropriate place.​
  2. If you insured it, go to the post office. They should be able to track it with the insurance number, and hopefully provide you with something in writing.
  3. To be honest, you probably won't get anywhere filing a fraud case against her. It's just not serious enough for the authorities to go after it unless she's swindling tens of thousands of dollars. You may want to try just to scare her, but she sounds like a seasoned scammer.

    Unfortunately, you'll probably also lose the case against Paypal. Trust me, I've been there so I can empathize. Paypal has no control over a chargeback: they basically have to bend to the credit card company. I had a chargeback filed against me (also with Chanel -- maybe it's a sign to not sell my Chanels!) while the woman admittedly STILL had my bag. I was not given a chance to provide proper documentation or anything before my Paypal account was frozen, the amount deducted, etc.

    Sorry, and best wishes. : (
  4. I would give the post office a try. The insurance has an ID number. Should be trackable. Also, is there a person at the customs place that can provide you with anything tangible? That would help prove your case.
  5. ugh.... I hope that you get some resolution from this. This is one of the reasons why I won't ship international. The few untrustworthy ruin it for everyone.

    Good Luck!
  6. what, because a domestic buyer couldn't claim an item wasn't received and try a fraudulent chargeback? :confused1:

    would you be able to get a hard copy of the proof of delivery? that could help your case. who exactly did you call though? customs aren't the ones delivering, if you sent it to the UK you need to speak to either royal mail or parcelforce.
  7. What a mess! I am so sorry for you. I think the only thing you can do is try to get proof of delivery from the people you spoke to at customs. The key will be to be able to prove delivery, in writing. Even though it is not traceable on the internet, you may be able to convince PayPal that the item was delivered (and then PayPal provides that proof to the credit card company.)

    I don't think the insurance will do you any good because the item was not lost or damaged, it was delivered. Talk about a Catch 22!!!!!

    In hindsight, the tip off was (and often is) the buyer's attempt to "lower shipping costs," which usually means no tracking. I know there are cheaper ways to ship items than USPS Global Express, FedEx or UPS, but if you buy something expensive, are you likely to skimp on how it gets to you? The difference between Air Parcel Post and USPS Global Priority, for example, is very small, yet the latter provides, if not actual tracking, at least proof of delivery on line. The best way, IMHO, is USPS Global Priority, with insurance. The only way the person can scam you is to refuse delivery and then physically steal the package ---- but even then insurance would cover you. (Remember, however, that insurance isn't going to cover you for what you SELL the bag for, only for what you can prove it was worth to you, e.g. purchase price.)

    This can happen just as easily with a domestic sale. . . . .ultimately it comes down to deciding that 99.9999% of people are good and the rest are shoplifters!
  8. Gosh, I don't have any advice or experience, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. People like this make the world that much worse :yucky:
  9. Thank you ladies, for all the advice. I am looking into getting some kind of written proof from her postal service, but it will probably be too late as I think I only had 5-10 days(?) to respond and I can't imagine the postal service will get anything to me in time. Crossing fingers. No more international selling for me, this just bums me out too much.
  10. Be SURE to respond to PayPal, even if it is just to tell your side of the story. If you don't respond within the time limit the decision goes automatically to the Buyer. Tell them your story . . . it ought to at least buy you time to get some proof!

  11. Yes a domestic buyer can do the same, but domestic postal tracking is faster.
    The same thing happened to me. Shipped a handbag to EU in SEPT 06.
    Post office told me it would take weeks or months to get it resolved.

    In January, I FINALLY received notification that the handbag was still held in customs.

    I filed all this information with the insurance identification number.

    I filed an insurance claim in Oct 06 - Haven't heard a word on that to this date.

    I did refund the buyer.

    Still waiting..............
  12. what a mess! that sucks for you! i have sold on eBay also, but never recieved any problems like yours. However, I never sell international because there is more of a chance of cases like yours. In the U.S., there is more liklihood you'll get your $$ back.
  13. Sorry to hear about this - but this sounds quite exceptional. I have bought and sold internationally, and sometimes items got delayed, but so far never over 4 months! There is a particular shipping type from US, which takes super long, I think the ref nos start with LY..

    Anyway, I am sorry about all the troubles people encounter with international shipping - I am lucky bec I always found nice sellers that ship to me, and so far we always managed well with each other. But I also prefer to shop in EU bec of no custom hassle and quicker shipping, so I understand.
  14. I am SO sorry to hear about this! i read the thread with the outcome to the situation first and really wanted to hear the story.

    I am SO sorry for your troubles! this DOES sound like a seasoned scammer. I am surprised at paypal policy. they didn't even try to help you!