eBay Query

  1. I recently lost a bid on one of the LVs on eBay and I thought I'd lost it but I suddenly get a Second Chance offer from the supposed seller on the item.

    Question is, it was sent in an email format as follow:

    Message from eBay Member andu0605
    Congratulations! You have received a Second Chance Offer on the item entitled: ---
    Original Louis Vuitton Cherry Handbag & Matching Purse Item number: 6881092308
    --- , for your last bid price of GBP £300.00
    The seller has issued this Second Chance Offer because either the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction or the seller has duplicate items for sale. If you accept this offer, you will be able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for eBay services associated with a transaction,such as fraud protection.

    To purchase this item contact the seller at: with following informations: -eBay user ID......... -full name and address....... -Item#......

    And the weird thing was, the eBay seller and the ID mentioned above wasn't even the same and it was sent from a private email and not eBay. Should I report to eBay or is this norm? :sad:

    Am I overreacting???

    edited out e-mail addy
  2. I have no worries about the purse from the original auction I was eyeing but what made me feel something fishy was that the email came from that AOL account and not eBay. Also, the member name andu0605 was ALSO different from the original seller.

    And she keeps saying she doesn't know the datecode when I enquired her about. It's really weird, should I report? Because the actual auction actually closed at GBP £400.00.

    Heeelllllllllllpppppp!! :'(
  3. That's an ebay scam.
    I'll try to find where I read it, but somewhere on ebay a poupette seller had a whole page about it.
    Something about how second chance offers were being sent out to losing bidders, but the offer wasn't from the original seller, just as you mentioned.
  4. Oh, and there were a link to report it too...
    I'm going to go and look...
  5. No! you are not overreacting, and you should report it to ebay ASAP. Someone must have saw your auction on ebay and try to email you. Do not send them any $. It is not normal that if the second chance offer is coming from a private email:shocked: .
  6. You girls are the best! Thanks sooo much!! :love:
  7. forward the email to spoof@ebay.com and have them look it over. i'm sure it's a phishing email.
  8. Agreed! I hope you haven't communicated with this person! That's why some sellers protect bidders' user IDs in auctions. This keeps bidders from getting spam/phising emails.
  9. It's a scam! I have had a few of those "second chance offers" but when I contacted the seller, they confirmed it to be fake. Bummer, sounds like you really wanted the item.
  10. look in your "My Messages" on eBay, if it's legit, it'll be in there.
  11. Fashionphile on ebay has a whole story about this on her ebay store. If you go to advanced search on ebay and search for members (i think) and put her name in her store should come up.