Ebay put down my power seller status...

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  1. I got pretty upset with that. I feel it Ok if they do it in the last 2 months because my sale is ugly, less than 1000 I am afraid. Or even when they start the new FB rules for my FB was below 98%. But now my sales pick up, my FB picks up, they took my power saler status down. Reasonable???:cursing:
  2. They have put restrictions on selling. No sales, no Power Seller status. They are making happen what they want to happen on their site. They don't want auctions any more, they want new "in the box" sellers, they just won't say so, so their method of making the change is to make sellers mad so they'll leave.

    Sorry you are caught up in their mess. You are not alone, many sellers are fed up with eBay and have no recourse but to sell elsewhere. That doesn't make it any less frustrating to you though!
  3. How come! Damn! I have paid them thousands of $ for every kind of fees. I gonna find some other place to sell, let evilbay go to the hell!:cursing:
  4. I am sorry that you are going thru this. All of our sales were down in the last two months. Good Luck on selling your items.
  5. Well, that is what the rules say and to be honest, powerseller status is only good for the final value fee discount. Sales for the last two months have TANKED for me (I went from $9k a month to maybe $1.5k) and I know that they have for a lot of other people too. There is a thread somewhere around here about where some of us sellers have moved to, so you may want to check there to get some ideas about what to do next. Good luck!!!!
  6. I spent awhile looking at the eBay forums as I was making the decision to stop selling there, then took the time to read the interviews with the new CEO. It is very interesting how they are going about eliminating auctions. They implement selling limits and raise fees, then in the press say that the number of auction-type listings have been down in the past few months. Well of course they have been! They are making changes that affect selling to bring about the numbers that they need to justify the changes they plan on implementing. It has affected so many sellers, many of whom really do depend on their eBay income to pay their bills. Sellers are in a mad scramble to sell elsewhere. After much research I chose another site to move my auctions, but for now nothing will compare to the sales I made on Ebay. eBay has functioned in the online auction marketplace without true competion for a very long time and it will take some time for anything remotely comparable to get rolling.

    From what I read on the eBay forums many Power Sellers lost their status due to the feedback percentages just before billing was done, then re-gained Power Seller status it right after billing was complete. I'm not a Power Seller so didn't experience this first-hand, but when I read seller after seller saying they had this experience it seemed crooked on eBay's part to me. Of course, the up-side is that maybe after month end billing is complete you'll get your Power Seller status back. Of course, if you would still want it remains to be seen.
  7. What are the other sites? I have a growing list but none jump out as the best yet.

    I teach eBay classes but the after class talks are about alternatives.
  8. #8 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    I too got taken away from PS status because the last few month' sales were not great. You have to have $1K per month for three months in a row to qualify. I missed this like by $100!!!! They are so unfair and it is a huge pain in the arse to deal with them. They take all your money for staggeringly high lsiting and final value fees, etc. and then give you nothing in return. Wonder if they send spies in to read these forums? They would probably find out a lot that way about how much people wish they were doing things differently!!!.