Ebay Purchases Stating New, but Actually Used!

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  1. My last couple of purchases on eBay have been for Chanel Bags that were listed as "New", but when I received them they are obviously "Used" :tdown: Has anyone else had this problem? It's not even like I was getting a discount on the prices - they were just items that were no longer available in the Boutiques or Dept. Stores. I'm quite frustrated as it's cost me a lot of money with shipping, etc. and then at the mercy of eBay/Paypal to determine if I should be able to return the items and get a refund!

    Also, how about these sellers that say "New", but floor model?? What's that all about?? That's clearly unfair to us Buyers that think were getting new merchandise, but on the otherhand it can have marks, etc?
  2. I'm pretty sure there are several threads on this already. I agree with you, new should be new! You can file SNAD if the listing states new and it's clearly not. As a buyer you should have a good chance of winning.
    I also hate the auctions that state 'new' but in the description say 'only used once'. Bull. Used is used.
  3. If an auction states "New" and you received a used bag, open up a SNAD and eBay will side with you. Don't forget to take pictures. I bought a few "New Without Tags" and surely they were used without tags. The descriptions were deceiving and maybe they were floor models or return items. It didn't bother and wasn't expecting much either.
  4. If it says New, it should be brand spanking new. Never been used, not a floor model...brand new. If it's not, it can be called "Gently Used" in the description with the details. Carried once, display model, etc. Otherwise if it states New and has clearly been used, either try for a partial refund if you still want to keep it, or file a SNAD and ship that puppy back. You have to make a decision you are happy with, or it will bug you for a long time.
  5. You see this all the time. Bags listed as new but that say in the description only carried twice. It's so wrong.

    I think you might stand a good chance at getting your money back filing a SNAD (significantly not as described claim) but of course you could try asking the seller before filing. I think they're pretty strict that items listed as new have to be brand new unused.
  6. I don't have a problem with this as long as in the listing the flaws are disclosed as well as whether or not it was "used" a few times. There's some leeway to what I'd consider new, especially if I'm buying for myself. I do read the entire listing and since nothing is being hidden, I can make my decision based on that. If everything that's been used even a little bit is marked as "used," there would be very few new bags on eBay, and I'd like the listing to make a distinction between the actually used a few times and looks used products vs. things that would have gotten that way after a few uses myself as well. I go on ebay to get a deal, not buy pristine just-arrived-from-boutique bags. Since I'm usually paying a big discount anyways, I don't mind it being less than absolutely perfect. Of course, this is if all those imperfections are disclosed. What I do mind is when sellers say brand new with tags and the bag is obviously VERY used...like stains, marks, other signs of use...but they kept the tags and reattached them, so it's obviously new with tags :rolleyes:
  7. ^^^^ I agree with meep. Since I'm not in the market for very used bags, I always put the "New" filter on my searches. But I'd rather pay less for a bag that looks great/new but has been used once or twice than pay full price for a brand new bag (why would I buy it on ebay then?). So I'm glad those bags make it into the filter.

    But again, all the use has to be documented in the listing. I totally agree with those who get upset when it says new but receive a used bag.
  8. Yes, I had this problem with a few sellers when I first started buying on ebay and one seller actually told me that she thought it was ok because i'm getting a discount! :bagslap:
    Now I am sure to ask! If its listed as new it should be new! I have listed a few items that I only used for a few hours but I mentioned it in my listing!
  9. I do feel that way as a seller though. I had a designer dress I sold once and it was literally worn only one time when I tried it on. I never actually wore it out or for a day. Worn for 5 minutes. But I listed it as used. But described the wear. However, I sold it for a lot less than it could have gone for if I had listed it new. I think that's why sellers do it.. and also so it doesn't get weeded out in filtered searches. But then I don't sell to make money; just to get rid of stuff I no longer want.
  10. I think if you take the tags off and use a bag once its used period! You can use GUC or looks new. But it is a pet peeve of mine when I look at a listing and it states "new with tags" thes tags are in the photo but not attached to the bag and listing says used just a couple times. :nono: That is not new!
    I buy new coach bags for resale and I may have the same bag listed as someone who has their "new but used a couple times" bag priced much lower than mine and we both have our items listed as new.

  11. No, it's a hardly used tissue. :lol:
  12. It's against eBay rules to list an item that has been used as "new."

    I remember when they were removing listings for using the term "as new" or "like new condition" for bags that have been used a couple of times. IDK if eBay still does this kuz I no longer sell there.
  13. :lolots: