Ebay purchase that does not match listing description and unhelpful seller -- HELP!

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  1. Hello ,

    I have had many successful purchases on ebay and have just had my first MAJOR disappointment and need your help on how to deal with it!!

    I bought a Brand New Fendi Peekaboo with python lining for $3,400 inclusive of shipping.

    The dimensions under item specifics in the listing were:
    Bag Length: 15.75”
    Bag Height: 10.2”

    First thing I did was authenticate it on TPF and was told to request specific pix from the seller to make sure that it is 100% authentic which I did and was then told that it was authentic.
    Next thing I did which I terribly regret was sell my Brand New Fendi Peekaboo with python lining in grey as the one on ebay was in purple (a color I personally prefer). I sold it for less than retail and was willing to pay a premium for the purple one.
    I then asked the seller to confirm that the bag listed was the larger of the 2 Peekaboo sizes and told her that I have measured mine up and it was around 16”x12” mentioning that “I would only want the larger of the two”. The seller then responded confirming that the bag was 15.5” which I took to mean that yes it was the larger of the 2 as the small is in no way close to 16”.
    We then agreed on a price and I made my best offer on ebay that was accepted and the auction was closed on the 19th of Aug 2011.
    The bag was then shipped from Canada on the 21st even though the listing says the item location is “East Coast, United States” (Buyer had already mentioned that item was being shipped from Canada and I didn’t think at the time that that mattered).
    Given that I am an international buyer, I received the bag on the 11th of Sept opened the box to find that the bag was the SMALL size and only measures 12” x 9”.

    I immediately contacted the buyer stating my disappointment and telling her that given the situation I would like to return the bag. Her response:

    Look at ebay's handbag measurement guide. You will understand how to measure handbags. We followed ebay's measurment guide. This bag is made by Fendi and they decided the measurement. We responded to your every single email with detail pictures and all details that you asked for. It is inconvenient for us to get the bag back. However, if you really want to return the bag, we can accept it eventhough return is not accepted. You have to carry both way shipping plus 20% restocking fee as the bag has become a returned item and not brand new anymore. There will not be any other negotiation. Thanks.

    I don’t know what to do now, I have never been in this situation before and certainly do not accept paying a 20% restocking fee!!!

    Pls help :cry::cry:
  2. Sorry to hear this. You need to open up an ebay SNAD. The measurments were clearly wrong, and the bag is not the larger like she told you. I do assume you have saved the messages?

    Wait for the experts to comment though before you do anything.
  3. Thanks! yes the msgs are saved! will wait for a few more replies..:sad:
  4. I would cut/paste the message and reply to the seller message, remind her regarding the larger size you were mentioned, seller should know that this was her word not yours.

    If seller still not helpful, then open SNAD by calling eBay and explain regarding measurement, But I do have a question what are the measurement seller provided in the listing? This would be your only reason for SNAD, so best to double check.
    Good Luck OP, Seller should take return and pay both return shipping, this is not your fault if you have asked prior bidding regarding the measurement..I think the seller being deceitful and He/She, should learn from this.
  5. I'm sorry, it's late over here...so perhaps I'm asking a dense question, but what is the seller getting at? Is she saying that she disregarded the "default" measurement that Fendi listed for the python bag (which would've been closer to what you measured your own bag to be at), and instead, went by ebay's special handbag measuring guide, and that's why the figures are different? :confused1:

    What is the protocol for ebay's measuring guide, and do her measurements fall in line w/that? I mean, really, there is a BIG discrepancy between 15.75 X 10.2 versus 12 X 9. Yes, I can understand differences in measuring styles, and that measurements can differ even if you measure an item twice, but damn, that discrepancy is huge. :shocked:
  6. I did remind the seller that I had mentioned prior to buying the bag that I was only interested in the Larger size. The seller provided 15.75" x 10.2" in the listing..
  7. I would file a SNAD. I understand the seller, it is inconvenient for her, but I don't believe someone can measure that wrong. I also find her tone very agressive,... don't let her bully you into paying all the shipping fees and a restocking fee!!! She gave you the measurements after you clearly stated you would only be interested in the large one, so I do find this seller only has herself to blame!
    Good luck, OP!!
  8. I really don't know what the seller is trying to get at. I looked on the ebay measuring guide and width is measured "side to side" however in the pic they have provided it sort of looks like they are taking some of the depth on the left side into account. I dont think that is what they intend though as it is pretty obvious to me that when measuring a bag you do not press it flat and add the depth to the width!
  9. I agree her tone is agressive which only makes me more mad!! i have never filed a SNAD but will look into that now.
  10. what a gorgeous bag! i am so sorry it didn't measure up to your expectations ........... i couldn't resist

    i agree---- if the seller insists on trying trying to charge you a restocking fee tell her you will file a snad.

    good luck :flowers:
  11. So should I contact the seller now asking her to refund me money for the bag + shipping both ways as the item received does not match the dimensions she has in listing and is the SMALL size or I will file a SNAD?
    and could u confirm I know this sounds dumb but is SNAD = a case that my item does not match the sellers description?
  12. I know it looks gorgeous in the pix thats why I sold my grey one and was willing to pay more for this :'( but trust me IRL it is not as gorgeous! its tiny!
  13. Yes, absolutely. SNAD= Significantly Not As Described :smile:

    I would inform the seller that you plan on filing a SNAD. I believe you will be responsible for return shipping, unfortunately. You could first try to, nicely, ask her for a refund (original price and shipping) and then you will return, but I have a feeling she might not agree and you will end up having to file the SNAD.
  14. Ah!!! definitely SNAD, Clearly listing provided measurement but WRONG one to the bag. Just give seller one more chance to agree to give you full refund (and for them to pay return shipping fee), otherwise if they refuse then claim SNAD. You are entitled to return, seller definitely in the wrong.