ebay purchase + pics, what do you guys think?

  1. yay i got the black criss-cross 'Gandhura' sandals on eBay and they have just arrived:love:

  2. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. I was watching them on eBay lol
    I like them!
  4. Congrats on the eBay win! Nice to see a strappy CL style. They look vintage.
  5. swanky :smile:
  6. Are they comfortable? Congrats on the purchase!
  7. I like those!
  8. super comfy
  9. They are cute!
  10. I'm glad they are comfy! I really like them.
  11. Oh I love these... Great win.
  12. I like em! I have to ask though do you feel comfy that your toes are just kinda hanging out?
  13. they look like super sexy shoes! congrats!
  14. I love them and they look great with your pedicure