Ebay purchase drama...

  1. I've never posted in this forum before but I'm a frustrated and a little upset and need some advice. I recently purchased a LV wallet on eBay, after having it authenticated in the LV forum here, and wanted to doublecheck it after purchase. I emailed the seller to let her know I'd received it and was confirming authenticity and would leave feedback after completion. I received a short email back stating she'd had it authenticated by caroldiva and I could check w/her.

    In the meantime a member here looked over it for me and pointed out a few things that she said made it a fake. I asked the seller about it and from the most recent replies I really made her angry (I asked a couple questions from the LV forum - basic communication I thought)...and it was completely unintentional. I just wanted to make sure what I paid for is real. I'm still waiting to hear back from caroldiva but the seller didn't include the authentication letter w/the package so I had not idea she'd used caroldiva. I did ask her before the auction ended but never got an answer and I won the wallet.

    Now the seller has sent me an angry message back stating that she'll refund my money minus shipping "[FONT=arial,sans-serif]Fine please send it back, I will refund your money minus the shipping. anything to make you go away". I don't want to return it, I just want to make sure I bought the real deal. I realize eBay is a business (ie nothing personal) but I have 100% positive feedback (261 feedbacks) and have bought/sold designer items w/o a problem.

    I guess my question boils down to wondering whether I was in the wrong for wanting to check the authenticity. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have contacted the seller till all was complete but now I'm nervous she's going to retaliate w/negative feedback. I don't feel like I was out of line and I've been on eBay for 5.5yrs w/o trouble....:s
  2. I don't think you've done anything wrong, and I don't see why the seller can't provide her caroldiva letter if she really did use them to authenticate beforehand. She sounds like a pain. At least you will still have over 99% positive even with her neg. If she does neg you, you can always neg her back, too, and then ask for a mutual feedback withdrawal, which would be more important for her as a seller than for you as a buyer.

    Also, if the wallet is indeed fake, she should refund your shipping as well, and I personally wouldn't accept anything less.
  3. Youre not wrong at all! Who in their right mind would want to pay a large sum of money for something that is a bonafide fake! She should have absolutely no qualms about your answering your questions. Im sorry she is being so rude to you and in all honesty, it sounds like you may have have reason to be worried. Why get so miffed and offended over simple questions regarding authenticity?

    Trust me. you have not been out of line. It sounds like you were to the point and polite about it, and she should have no problem answering your questions regarding authenticity. To get angry and emotional, and to tell you she will do anything "to get you to go away" is inappropriate, unprofessional, in bad taste, and ultimately, is bad business.
  4. Thanks, I just needed to bounce this around a bit. My gut tells me it'll all work out find but I will DEFINITELY not purchase items from this seller in the future. Oh well, lesson learned but it reinforces how important it is to treat others how I want to be treated....love the golden rule :smile:
  5. If she wants to refund you minus shipping put a paypal claim in as you will get the refund plus the postage so you are not out of pocket!
  6. Maybe she's just getting frustated with answering questions about auction that has been completed on her side - you already bid, won and received item. She might think that you have buyers remorse.. I would just wait for caroldiva's opinion and file a paypal claim if it's fake.
  7. Definitely frustrated w/me. I guess (as a seller) I've never really been too bothered by buyer's questions b/c I feel like it a customer service-type situation but everyone is different. At this point I'm just waiting patiently :smile:
  8. As a buyer, I understand your situation and your reaction to the rudeness of the buyer. She could have been more understanding.

    As a seller, I'd be upset that you didn't ask your questions and do your authenticating before bidding on my item.

    I once sold a beautiful and authentic LV agenda on Ebay. Tons of pics, lengthy and detailed description, lots of bidders. After winning, the high bidder emailed to ask if the agenda included a refill for the new year. I stated very clearly in the listing that the auction was for an agenda only. None of my many clear photos showed a refill. I responded politely, that as stated in my listing, the auction was for the agenda only. She decided she didn't want it, disappeared, and never paid.

    I've been on both ends. Now, I ask my questions before placing a bid. If the answers are not satisfactory, or there is no response at all, I will not bid on the item.
  9. I don't know, she may just be frustrated w/ the back and forth and it seeming like a buyer is trying to get out of an auction. Hey, at least she is saying she will refund your money rather than sit and fight. When I do have something authenticated by Carol, I offer that up right away via email to the winning bidder or even if someone is concerned before bidding. So, on this forum, they have told you it's fake?
  10. I originally posted the item here (prior to bidding) to have it authenticated and the responses were all positive that it was authentic. After receiving it there's one part that looked off to me and the seller did not answer me about it after I emailed (it wasn't anything evident in photos prior to purchase nor was it disclosed). I posted it here and received a split decision on authenticity so I told the seller I was having it authenticated and would get back w/her. It was after that that she mentioned using Carol Diva. She did not post that in her Ebay ad at all. In one of my post-sale responses to her I suggested that maybe she could include that in postings for interested buyers (I do it in mine, full disclosure I suppose) and she responded w/the following,

    "[FONT=arial,sans-serif]Then you come back with an excuse that you need to have it authenticated first. ok, not a problem again, because I already had that done too, and as far as me stating that in my auctions, I don't feel the need to, my feedback speaks for itself. In the advent I ever need the letter to prove to ebay and paypal."

    Her feedback is not 100% so speaking for itself is one thing but I totally understand her frustration as a seller but the flaw was not disclosed in the ad/photos. I understand buyer beware and as a seller I know buyer's can be a pain but my intent, as I've expressed to her in every way possible, is to keep this wallet (provided it's real) and have this transaction end positively.

    *edited to add that I'm just waiting for Carol Diva now and hopefully let this one be a learning experience :smile:
  11. Well yes you should have done your authenticating before bidding but sometimes there are things that can't be checked by photo - you are still within your rights to ask Paypal to declare the transaction void if it turns out that the item is significantly not as described (ie a fake). That's why the dispute facility exists to start with.
    If you do end up with a fake and file a dispute I'm fairly certain she won't be able to leave you any negative feedback. At the end of the day if she sold you a fake then you are entitled to a full refund. You have no reason to feel guilty about that.
    If you do have a genuine article then apologise and move on. In future don't contact a seller to say you think you have a fake until you know it for sure.
  12. Yeah, there goes that self-important, oh-my-feedback speaks for itself spiel that so many sellers utilize. I'd wat for caroldiva, and try not to contact/communicate with the seller. She obviously doesnt feel any desire to quell your fears or help you out in any way, other than saying "stuff it!, my feedback speaks for itself"
  13. Yeah, given all of that it seems odd. I sold a Babylone once that I had had authenticated by CarolDiva, but the buyer once she got it opted to have MyPoupette do it to. That was her choice, waste of money IMO, but if it made her feel better works for me. Seems very odd that she is now saying "oh and I already did that." I list that in my auctions if I have done it because it can help boost your bidding. I would just continue on the road your are on with it.
  14. I also ask all questions before the auction is over. Good advice *keep quiet until you know it's fake*. This seller is coming across as defensive. If she knows her item is authentic, why would she behave this way? I am amazed at how nasty some people are. I have also had my fair share of bad apples on eBay. I love the ones that try and say they have a fake when clearly they don't. I had a girl argue with me over a silly Juicy Couture bracelet that I personally bought from Nordstrom. She swore up and down it was a knock-off. I stood my ground and was very polite. I continued to tell her that in no way, had she bought a fake from me. I even told her to contact Nordstrom or take it in to have it looked at. My patience with this moron finally paid off.
  15. I'm sorry that you have to go through this experience, because personally I think that it is silly for the buyer to behave this way. No one wants to pay good money for a phoney product, or have any doubts about what they're getting. I'm sure you would have asked the question about whatever is off had you seen it prior (in the auction photos). That may be a little annoying to the seller, but I feel it was totally inappropriate for her to fire back with a comment that implies that you are trying to come up with an "excuse". It was defensive and unfounded, provided she never said she had the item authenticated up-front, and you told her that you intend to keep the wallet. I would just kinda curtail any back and forth with her until you have your own proof from Carol Diva. No worries....you live and you learn.....if it is indeed a knock-off, just take the proper steps.