Ebay pulls Authentic MARC JACOBS JEAN SKIRT from honest SELLER but lets fakes sit

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  1. My friend selling an authentic marc jacobs new skirt!!! had her lisiting pulled by ebay because she added capri to her title -i wonder why they allow thousands of hong kong sellers to sell fake bags and coats yet go after a person with 100% selling feedback who only sells a few itmes a month! i think because they love the money that comes from the fakes ! they must make a fortune -its disgusting how they can just say they are policing by goign after honest americans yet allow americans to be scammed tiem after time by fake hong kong sellers :cursing:
  2. there are also legit sellers in hong kong. not all of them sell fakes.
  3. Her auction wasn't pulled for authenticity, it was pulled because she was keyword spamming. She broke a rule and got reported so her llisting got cancelled
  4. and there are also the "honest american sellers" that sell fakes :cursing:
  5. ^^^ :yes: