ebay pulling my listing

  1. i tried selling my louis bag twice, and eBay pulled it out twice. i still don't know what the problem is, they wont give me any specific details and i gotta be honest, i'm too tired to look through their policies. i posted the auction for a louis multicolore pochette bag starting bid of $10, since it's been used and abused, haha. i'm guessing they don't think it's authentic? has anyone else had this problem?
  2. There are lots of similar posts on the eBay forum here. eBay seems to be cracking down on listings of designer names. I don't know what rationale they use for deciding which listings to pull, however.
  3. I've heard that they pull random auctions if you don't provide a receipt? :shrugs:
  4. Haven't had this prob. but my guess is that since you started the bidding at $10, they REEEEAAALLY don't think its auth. My question is, how bad is the "use and abuse?" Is it bad enough for you too start this listing at $10? If so, did you have a reserve on the bag?

    My other question is, are you new to ebay? I've heard of newer people getting high end listings pulled simply b/c they are new to ebay.
  5. Ebay gets another one!

    Ugh! I'm getting so frustrated hearing how hard it is for folks to sell real authentic items.
    so sorry!
  6. Designers items are pulled by random search words that supposedly seems suspious on the listing by the server. Being new has nothing to do with it.
  7. i'm not sure, the inside isn't too nice, the outside is alright. i didn't have a reserve. i just don't know what to do with it since my sister doesn't want it, and i don't know the worth after it's been used. i think it would be much better if cleaned. does anyone know another place i can sell items like this.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. i'm not that new to ebay, but i dont have much feedback. i have 63 so far, 100% positive.
  9. I have never seen an authentic MC with a lining such as yours. Are you sure your bag is authentic?:confused1:
  10. yes it is. my sister and aunt had store credit so i remember them purchasing it at one of their stores
  11. I had the black MC pochette before, and the interior for black is mushroom alcantara with the "Louis Vuitton--Made in France" embossed in the alcantara, not on a leather patch. The pochette also did not have a zip pocket in the interior. I know that the white MC pochettes don't deviate from the design. The white MC pochette also has raspberry alcantara lining.
  12. Your bag should like like this in the interior:

  13. I've never seen a MC pochette with an interior zipper pocket or a patch.
  14. I got the same model of bag as you posted on ebay but it looks totally different from your bag.
  15. really? that's strange. i truely believe this is authentic :sad: