Ebay pulled off my authentic bags!! :(:( sorry, new seller...

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  1. I know this is not nearly as bad as most nasty things ebay do, but I don't underSTAND why they would just suddently pull off both my Gucci bags, 10000% authentic and the same ones still selling on the Gucci website, off few hours before the listing was about to end. People were bidding on them! They are not fake!!! Does ebay just automatically take any "fashion police's" reports and remove listings?? Like they don't even give you a chance to argue or fight back! I had many detailed pictures including serial numbers proving auth, this is ridiculous. I JUST sold two items totalling $1400 and my buyers seem happy enough. Now I feel DUMB handing my 10% to this bully site!!!! Sorry, I'm new to selling, and I'm just a little frustrated because people really do put time into making those listings(amens?)........ :sad:
  2. It could have been a VeRO takedown. For a while there Gucci VeRO was on a tear.
    What did they say was the reason? As a new seller you are probably also limited as to the amount of high end items you can list.
    Did you post the bags here to be authenticated? You may have to find (and pay) a professional authenticator that is accepted by Ebay before they let you relist.
  3. "The listing(s) removed from your account showed similarities to listings that have resulted in bad buying experiences, such as complaints from buyers that the item is of poor quality or inauthentic. Based on these similarities, please don't relist these items on eBay."

    They said it in away to straight accusing me of selling counterfeit. I was selling bostons, I don't know if they make fake ones this good, because I had the Gucci website link in my post so people can actually compare. I don't think anyone would say its fake...(I had 40+watchers for one of them last time I saw) and in my listing I claimed it 100% auth. I know I would get in trouble if its not. I wish ebay would at least say something BEFORE I list instead of just accuse and take down...you know?

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  4. Would authenticate on the forum....
  5. I started selling on eBay over a year ago and have found it takes a while to build up a viable business on the site, especially when you are listing high-end luxury items. eBay would limit how many "luxury" items I could sell a month - i.e.: my mom has literally over 50 Hermes scarves from years of collecting and passed some onto me to sell for her. eBay initially would allow me to only sell one or two a month. I have never had a listing pulled though, just was not able to post it.

    My advice: expect to start slowly and get LOTS of positive feedback! Beg your buyers to leave positive feedback for the higher end items so that eBay knows you are not selling fakes. It took me 6 months of positive feedback to get to the point where my listings were not monitored as closely.

    I thought I was out of the clear but a few months ago I listed a Tiffany item for the first time and PayPal restricted access to my funds until positive feedback had been received from the buyer. eBay was fine with the listing BTW.

    All this to say... I know that this is GOOD in the long run for those of us who respect the importance of authenticity but it can be frustrating in the beginning.
  6. It was purchased from the Gucci Website since it's website exclusive. Im not asking to auth this item, just showing the kind of pictures I posted on ebay. All taken personally. It was just so out of the blues for them to say its fake.
    But last night I did read many postings about dishonest buyers who would tamper with items and accuse sellers, so I think I'll just sell it on craigslist where the buyer can take it out of my hand and be happy. sighhh. But thank you so much for all your pointers!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  7. I just started selling to get rid of some of the items I don't use anymore, to be honest it was because they have free listing fee this month :smile: I don't know if I'll be doing this more regularly since so many types of problems occured during my 27 sales so far :sad: Maybe I'm just not good at handeling stress. lol. Thank you so much!!
  8. While they are still selling this style on the website I didn't see the color you have currently listed http://www.gucci.com/us/styles/247205F4CMG8658#

    Just saying an item is authentic doesn't make it so. You have to be able to prove it. Since you purchased them directly from Gucci you should be able to provide proof of purchase ( receipts). If you no longer have them Gucci should have a record of your purchases on file.

    Oh and a simple Google search showed that bag was not exclusive to the Gucci website. Several legit as well as replica sites had that bag available for purchase.
  9. Are you sure it was "the Gucci website"?
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  11. The page you opened wasn't it. It is this one, and yes my color is available:


    According to the website even now, it is still website exclusive.
    I do have evidence and record of purchase on my account, if they even gave me a chance to prove it. Now they made it clear I am not allowed to even relist, I don't want to argue with such a company further.
    I did do a quick search to see how replica shops have it, and on all of them the GG design pattern is very different and offset.
    But theres no point in arguing anymore. If ebay think its fake, then fine.
    Thanks for your pointers.